MasterChef June 1, 2022 Results Revealed (Recap)

MasterChef June 1, 2022 Results Revealed (Recap)

Hey,”MasterChef” fans. Tonight, June 1, 2022, another new episode of MasterChef’s current season 12: Back To Win It” edition did indeed hit the air, and more aprons were given out for this all-star season by judges: Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez and Joe Bastianich.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with the first cooking battle for 2 aprons. It featured: Willie from season 5. Derrick from season 2. Tommy from season 6 ,and Micah from season 10. They were given 45 minutes to cook up an amazing dish.

Tommy told Joe he was cooking a quail dish, and Joe welcomed him back to the show. Micah told Gordon he was making a dessert dish. After the time ran out, it was time for the judges to taste the dishes.

Willie was up first with a Cajun Poached Halibut with a Purple Cauliflower Puree and Spicy Roasted Corn Relish dish. Gordon said, “It looks beautiful. It’s cooked beautifully, but it needs a hint of lemon.” Aaron said, “I’m impressed with the flavor.” Joe said, “It’s an elegant dish. You’ve come a long way.”

Derrick presented a Crispy Head on Shrimp with Corn Pudding dish. Gordon said, “The shrimp is great.” Joe said, “I liked it, but I wish it was more punchy.” Aaron said, “The flavors mingled well together.”

Tommy presented a Fried Quail with a Nest of Phyllo Pastry and Garden Vegetables dish. Gordon said, “Good presentation. The quail is cooked beautifully, but it was a bit bland.” Joe said, “Good job.”

Micah presented a Yuzu Citrus Ricotta Fritter with Blackberry Gin Sauce, Chocolate Soil and Star Arnise Powdered Sugar dish. Gordon said, “It has amazing flavor. It’s fresh and lively, but there was problem with the density.” Joe said, “That’s wrong.”

Next, the judges revealed that Willie and Tommy got aprons from that group, which unfortunately meant that Micah and Derrick were eliminated.

The next group of all-stars featured: Cate from season 8, Sarah from season 10, Daniel from season 8, and Michael from season 10. They were also given 45 minutes to prepare a great dish.

Cate told Gordon he was making a Venison Loin dish. Daniel told Aaron he was making a fish dish. Michael told Gordon he was making a smoked filet mignon dish. Sarah told Joe she was making a duck dish, and he gave her some advice. Towards the end, it looked like Cate was going to run out of time with less than 10 seconds to go. Gordon told her she forgot to smoke the Venison, but she was still very confident that her dish would be ok.

Cate was up first for the judging. She presented a Mushroom Rubbed Venison Loin with Pommes Puree, Sauteed Wild Mushrooms and Sour Cherry Red Wine Sauce dish. Gordon said, “This is a very accomplished and delicious dish.” Joe said, “The venison is cooked perfectly.” Aaron said, “The crust needs a little work, but everything else is great.”

Daniel presented a Prosciutto Wrapped Cod with Lemon Pea & Herb Puree and Roasted Glazed Carrots dish. Gordon said, “The fish is cooked beautifully.” Aaron said, “It needs some work, but I loved the boldness.”

Sarah presented a Crispy Skinned Duck Breast with Balsamic Honey Glaze, Pipian Mole and Pickled Peaches dish. Joe said, “The duck is perfectly cooked, but it’s a little starchy.” Aaron said, “Some of the things aren’t getting along with each other.” Gordon said, “You nailed the duck.”

Michael presented a Smoked Filet Mignon with Black Garlic & Cherry BBQ Sauce and Mexican Street Corn Grits dish. Joe said, “You nailed it. This dish could be anywhere in a 2-star Michelin restaurant.” Gordon said, “That is a finale-worthy dish.”

Next, the judges revealed that Michael and Cate got the aprons from that group. So, Sarah and Daniel were sadly eliminated with no aprons.

From there, the editing job for this show skipped right into the judging for the next 4 all-stars, which were: Brien from season 8, Newton from season 8, Bowen from season 9, and Stephen from season 6.

Brien was up first for the judging. He presented his signature Filet O’Brien with Whipped Potatoes, Bacon, Brussels Sprouts and Red Wine Demi-Glace dish. Joe said, “It has a snappy, grainy texture.”

Newton presented a Filet Mignon with Sweet & Tangy BBQ Glaze, Southern Greens and Chipotle Pommes Puree dish. Gordon said, “The filet is cooked beautifully, but there was too much heat in the sauce.”

Bowen presented a Filet Mignon Pot Stickers with Thai Chile Finger Lime Vinegar Sauce dish. Gordon said, “It’s delicious.” Aaron said, “The sauce was action-packed with flavor.”

Stephen presented a Rabbit & Donuts with Sauteed Dandelion Greens and Cactus Berry Salsa dish. Joe said, “It was psychedelic. A trip of deliciousness. I’ve never tasted anything like it before.”

The judges revealed that Stephen and Bowen got aprons from this group. So, Brien and Newton were eliminated.

The last group for this episode featured former MasterChef Junior contestants: Tae-Ho from season 4. Shane from season 5 and Dara from season 1. They were also given 45 minutes to whip up a great dish.

During the 45 minutes, Shane told Gordon he was making a risotto dish. Dara told Joe she was making a Chinese style steam cod dish. Tae-Ho told Gordon he was making a dish he called, “Sleeping Beef.”

Tae-Ho was first up to get his dish judged. He presented a Sleeping Beef New York Strip with Pasta Blankets and Sugar Snap Peas in Yuzu Dashi Sauce dish. Joe said, “It is not cooked medium rare, but that’s fine with me. I enjoyed it.” Aaron said, “I loved the usage of herbs.” Gordon said, “It’s delicious. Good job.

Shane presented a Cajun Risotto with Blackened Catfish and Cajun Cream Sauce dish. Gordon said, “It’s cooked beautifully. I wasn’t making risotto that good at 18 years old.” Joe said, “The risotto was well executed.” Aaron said, “The catfish is great, clean and robust.”

Dara presented a Chinese Style Steamed Cod with Stuffed Bok Choy and Seasoned Dashi Broth dish. Gordon said, “It’s a delicious cod. It was cooked beautifully.” Aaron said, “It was great.” Joe said, “It’s electric. Bravo. Good job.”

The judges revealed that Dara and Shane got aprons from this group, which means that poor Tae-Ho didn’t make it. He was happy with his performance though. How do you guys feel about these results. Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new MasterChef season 12 episode is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, June 8, 2022 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on FOX.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “MasterChef” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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