So You Think You Can Dance July 20, 2022 Eliminated No One (Recap)

So You Think You Can Dance July 20, 2022 Eliminated No One (Recap)

Hey, “So You Think You Can Dance” fans. Tonight, July 20, 2022, another LIVE performances/results edition of So You Think You Can Dance’s current season 17 did indeed air with judges: Leah Remini, Stephen “tWitch” Boss and JoJo Siwa.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with them revealing that the top 6 dancers Keaton, Essence, Alexis, Carter, Ralyn and Beau were getting paired with some So You Think You Can Dance All-Stars. The All-Stars featured tonight were: Comfort Fedoke, Koine Iwasaki, Bailey Munoz, Amy Yakima, Ezra Sosa and Lex Ishimoto.

After all of that, the top 6 dancers performed a group number with the All-Stars. Then, the top 6 dancers performed a routine with an All-Star in the All-Star’s preferred style.

Carter and Bailey Munoz were up first with a Hip Hop number. Afterwards, tWitch said, “Carter, you have so much power.” Leah said, “I was entertained by both of you.” JoJo said, “That was my favorite Hip Hop number of this show.”

Alexis and Amy Yakima served up a Jazz routine. Afterwards, JoJo said, “This performance was unreal, and you two performing together is a choreographer’s dream.” tWitch said, “I felt like I was watching two winners dance.” Leah said, “You don’t need to be confident, you just need to fake it. Alexis, you didn’t let the fear overcome you.”

Keaton and Ezra Sosa danced a Jive number. Afterwards, Leah said, “Keaton, you need to stay in character.” JoJo said, “Keaton, you met Ezra’s level.” tWitch said, “Keaton, I love that you consistently bring your work ethic.”

Essence and Koine Iwasaki delivered a contemporary dance. Afterwards, tWitch said, “I’m so proud. This performance showed growth.” Leah said, “I connected to the character and emotion.” JoJo said, “The technique was great and the performance value was great.”

Beau and Lex Ishimoto performed a Contemporary dance. Afterwards, JoJo said, “Beau, you were able to take a story and sprint with it, and the number will be very meaningful to people.” tWitch said, “Beau, you’re here for a reason, and you need to use the power to tap into the story every single time you hit the stage.” Leah said, “I was on the verge of tears.”

Ralyn and Comfort Fedoke delivered a Hip Hop routine. Afterwards, Leah said, “I loved it all the way through.” JoJo said, “This dance didn’t have multiple flavors, but I liked the flavor it did have.” tWitch said, “It wasn’t flavors. It was an entire store.”

After all of that, it was revealed that everyone was safe except for Ralyn, Beau and Alexis. They were the bottom 3 vote-getters. The judges could save one of the dancers. However, since all three of them couldn’t agree on which dancer they wanted to save, they decided not to eliminate any of them! So, nobody got eliminated tonight. How do you guys feel about that? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new episode of So You Think You Can Dance season 17 is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, July 27, 2022 at approximately 8 pm central standard time on FOX.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “So You Think you Can Dance” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I suspect a full night of same sex pairings was a JoJo thing. They’re free to do it. I am free to not watch it.

  2. PattimsAZ says:

    SYTYCD lost me as a fan. Eliminations are not making any sense and when you sent Anna home, I left too!

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