The Challenge USA July 20, 2022 Eliminated Tasha Fox & James Wallington (Recap)

The Challenge USA July 20, 2022 Eliminated Tasha Fox & James Wallington (Recap)

Hey, “The Challenge USA” fans. Tonight, July 20, 2022, another new episode of The Challenge USA’s very first season did indeed air, and another couple was sent packing at the end.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with the contestants getting randomly paired with new partners again. David Alexander was paired with Shannon St. Clair. Kyland Young with Angela Rummons. Derek Xiao with Shan Smith. Ben Driebergen with Kyra Green.

Enzo Palumbo with Desi Williams. Domenick Abbate with Cashay Proudfoot. Danny McCray with Azah Awasum. Xavier Prather with Cayla. Tyson with Alyssa Lopez. Cinco Holland Jr. with Sarah Lacina. Leo Temory with Justine and Tasha Fox with James.

Derek told the private cams, “I’m very weary of Shan due to her rep of betraying people.” Tasha told James she’ll do whatever it takes for him in this week’s challenge. James was obviously happy to hear that. Domenick told the private cams he didn’t like how Cashay is still talking about her and Cinco’s issues. Tyson and Angela still kept talking strategy with each other, and Shan picked up on it.

After all of that, host TJ Lavin showed up with a new competition, which was titled, “Hang On, Man.” In it, they had to run to collect stair pieces. Then, they had to build their stairs and walk up them. From there, one person had to balance on a narrow plank while holding a rod across their back while the other person solved a word puzzle.

If they got a word wrong, they had to grab a one-pound sandbag and clip it to one side of the rod across their partner’s back. If their partner dropped it, they were eliminated. Tasha ended up letting one of the weights drop. So, she and James were eliminated, and they were the only team to get eliminated from this comp. So, they automatically got sent to the elimination challenge for this episode.

Kyland and Angela ended up winning this comp along with $10,000 dollars to add to their Challenge accounts. Tyson told the private cams, “If I can’t win, Angela winning is the next best thing. Allies to the end.”

James said Leo and Justine would be a good option to compete against in the elimination challenge. James & Tasha talked with Angela and Kyland. James & Tasha suggested that they pick Justine and Leo to compete against them in the elimination comp because they have some money they would like to take from them.

Cashay told the private cams, “I wanna put a piece of tape over Domenick’s mouth because he keeps saying he wants to compete in the elimination challenge.”

At the elimination challenge, Angela and Kyland ended up choosing Domenick and Cashay to compete against James and Tasha in the elimination challenge. This comp was titled, “Plug And Play.” In it, they started on top of a container that had a water tank below it. One of them had to unlock tower pieces from inside the water tank and hand them to their partner.

Once all the piece were collected, the partner had to stack them before all the water drained out of their tank. However, the partner that was in the water tank had the option to plug in the drain to keep the water from draining out.

Cashay and Domenick won the comp just in the nick of time because Domenick didn’t plug the drain and almost ran out of water in the tank. Afterwards, Domenick said it was just a brain fart that he didn’t plug in the tank, and he thanked Cashay for getting the job done.

For their win, they also took eliminated James and Tasha’s $3000 dollars. How do you guys feel about Tasha Fox & James Wallington getting eliminated in this episode? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “The Challenge USA” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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