The Challenge USA July 27, 2022 Eliminated Xavier Prather & Shan Smith (Recap)

The Challenge USA July 27, 2022 Eliminated Xavier Prather & Shan Smith (Recap)

Hey,”The Challenge USA” fans. Tonight, July 27, 2022, another new episode of The Challenge USA’s current season 1 did indeed air, and some more unlucky contestants did get sent home at the end.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with Leo Temory getting paired with Desi Williams. Kyland Young with Alyssa Lopez. Ben Driebergen with Azah Awasum. Enzo Palumbo with Cashay Proudfoot. David Alexander with Justine Ndiba. Xavier Prather with Shan Smith. Danny McCray with Kyra Green. Derek Xiao with Sarah Lacina. Tyson Apostol with Cayla Platt. Domenick Abbate with Angela Rummons and Cinco Holland Jr. with Shannon St. Clair.

Justine told the private cams, “I’m worried about being partnered with David because he isn’t considered a strong player.” Alyssa told the private cams, “The number one ally I have in this game is Derek. I wanna show Xavier what it feels like to be backstabbed.”

Shan and Xavier talked. Shan told the private cams, “I don’t trust Xavier overall, but I do trust him as my partner this week.”

Next, host TJ Lavin showed up with a new challenge. It was a trivia challenge called, “Falling Off The Knowledge.” In it, both partners had to stand on a ledge that was really really high off the ground. They were asked a series of questions. If they answered them wrong, they were sent plummeting 150 feet while tied to a safety harness. The winners won $10,000 dollars for their Challenge accounts. When it was all played and done, it was Kyland and Alyssa who emerged as the winners.

David and Justine guessed the most questions wrong. So, they were automatically sent to the elimination challenge. Kyland & Alyssa got to pick who went up against David and Justine in the elimination challenge.

Xavier talked with Alyssa and Kyland. Xavier told them, “If you wanna throw me into the elimination battle, that’s fine. But if I come back, I’m coming for both your #%sses,” and they all laughed.

David suggested to Alyssa and Kyland that they put up Cinco and Shannon. Justine didn’t want that. She was more open to Xavier and Shan going up against them. Tyson was happy to see that Alyssa and Kyland were considering Xavier and Shan. He told the private cams, “If Big Brother wants to take out their own people, that’s fine with me.”

Shan told the private cams, “Alyssa is like a little weasel, and I just don’t trust her.” At the elimination challenge, Kyland and Alyssa did end up choosing Xavier & Shan to up against David and Justine in the elimination challenge. In it, they had to break pains of glass to get to puzzle pieces and complete a puzzle for the win.

If they broke their teammates pains, they were given a 5 second penalty for each one they broke. This penalty would prove to be quite detrimental for Xavier & Shan because Xavier was mad that he got picked to do the challenge and broke all of Shan’s pains, trying to speed through it. So, they ended up with a 50 second penalty before they could start working on their puzzle.

Meanwhile, David and Justine only incurred a 10 second penalty. So, David and Justine had a full 40 seconds to start figuring out the puzzle before Xavier and Shan could even get started. And surely enough, David and Justine finished the puzzle before Xavier and Shan. So, Xavier and Shan did get eliminated.

Xavier told the private cams,”In Big Brother 23, I screwed everyone over. So, Alyssa and Kyland wanted to get back at me. They are petty little b#%tches. Now, all the Survivor people are going to take them out because they don’t have any backup. I’m going home. I’m still rich, and they’re stupid.” How do you guys feel about Xavier Prather and Shan Smith getting eliminated in this episode? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “The Challenge USA” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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