The Challenge USA September 14, 2022 Season 1 Winners Revealed In Finale (Recap)

The Challenge USA September 14, 2022 Season 1 Winners Revealed In Finale (Recap)

Hey, “The Challenge USA” fans. Tonight, September 14, 2022, the very last finale episode of The Challenge USA’s current season 1 did hit the air, and we finally found out who won this thing by the time it was all over. It was a 2-hour finale episode with the first hour featuring another women’s elimination round before the big finale.

The first hour kicked off with Cayala telling the private cams, “It’s do or die that Angela or Alyssa lose.” Sarah told the private cams, “I’ve gotta win this next challenge because I don’t trust anyone.”

Next, host TJ Lavin showed up with their next challenge, which was titled, “Getting Tired.” In it, they had to swim 500 meters. Then, run to an abandoned town and solve a puzzle to get a tire. Certain color tires had different amounts of points attached to them. They had to keep retrieving these tires for a total of 2 hours. Afterwards, the one with the most points, won.

At one point, Cayla’s foot sunk in the mud, but Sarah helped her get out of it. Most of the contestants tried to get tires with the most amount of points so they wouldn’t have to take as many trips back and forth. Tyson definitely went for the 20-point, pink tires to start off.

Angela got hung up on a 20-point tire puzzle. It made Alyssa really nervous. Tyson kept encouraging Angela to solve the 20-point tire puzzle because it’ll be worth it. Meanwhile, everyone else was lapping her by getting less valuable tires instead.

After 30 minutes of trying to solve the puzzle, Angela started saying, “I’m terrified at this point.” Angela did finally solve the 20-point tire puzzle. Unfortunately, that 20 points wasn’t enough to make up for all the time she wasted. She ended up getting last place with a total of 24 points.

Meanwhile, Tyson and Domenick tied for first place with 52 points. So, they both won and split $5,000 dollars. Sarah got 42 points and won for the women. She got $5,000 dollars. Since Angela got last place, she automatically went to the elimination challenge. Tyson, Domenick and Sarah got to decide who Angela went up against.

Tyson told Angela he’s gonna try and get Cayla up against her. Later, Angela talked with Domenick, Tyson and Sarah, and she told them, “I would not like to go up against Alyssa or Desi because they deserve to be in the finals based on their past performances.”

Sarah kept saying she wants Alyssa to go up against Angela. Angela eventually got frustrated and said, “I think my opinion is irrelevant here” and walked off. Tyson liked it. However, Sarah told the private cams, “Angela didn’t even try to negotiate and that’s why she won’t be successful.”

Alyssa pitched to Domenick how well she’s done in past challenges. Angela got a video message from her fiance Tyler Crispen, which made her very emotional. Sarah told Domenick, “Tyson and Angela have run this game the whole time. Now, it’s time for them to take a back seat.” Domenick said, “I just want to make a decision without Tyson influencing it.” Enzo told the private cams, “Angela’s getting her karma now.”

At the elimination challenge, Tyson chose Cayla to go up against Angela, but he was outnumbered by Sarah and Domenick who both voted for Alyssa to go up against her. So, Alyssa had to face Angela in the elimination challenge. Alyssa said, “I wouldn’t wanna do it any other way.”

Angela and Alyssa’s elimination challenge was titled, “Pole Wrestle.” In it, they had to wrestle a pole from each other. The first won to wrestle the pole away 2 times, won. Angela dominated by winning 2-0. Afterwards, Angela immediately cried and apologized to Alyssa. Alyssa said, “It’s ok,” and they gave each other a hug.

Alyssa told the private cams, “I feel like Angela deserves this more than anyone here, and I’m very proud of her.” Angela also took Alyssa’s $33,500 dollars for her Challenge account.

Next up, was the second hour, which featured the main, finale event. Unfortunately for Ben, it was revealed that the doctor would not clear him to compete in it since he hurt his shoulder in the last challenge they did involving the tires. Ben told the private cams, “I’m bummed because I know I could’ve done this.”

The last challenge consisted of 5 different checkpoints, and the contestants were split up into teams of two to complete them. The first team to complete each checkpoint got 5 points. The second team got 4 points and so on and so forth. The algorithm picked the teams again for each checkpoint. So, they got different partners each time. One of them had to do a checkpoint alone since Ben was forced to quit.

If any team member quit during these checkpoints, the whole team got eliminated and lost the money they won so far. Each team had to complete all the checkpoints to win the money they won on the show so far. The person with the most points after completing all the checkpoints, won the grand prize, which was $500,000 dollars.

The first checkpoint paired up Danny with Cayla, Domenick with Angela, Tyson with Justine, Enzo with Desi, and Sarah had to compete alone. During this first checkpoint, they had to swim to the shoreline through ice cold water. Then, solve a puzzle.

During it, Enzo couldn’t swim and quit saying I can’t breathe. Desi tried to help him, but he would not let her. Afterwards, Enzo told Desi, “I’m sorry. I truly am. I can’t say enough sorrys.” Desi told the private cams, “I can’t even look at Enzo right now.” Since Enzo quit, they were both eliminated and lost all their money.

Meanwhile, Danny and Cayla completed the puzzle first for 5 points. Sara took second place for 4 pints. Justine and Tyson finished 3rd for 3 points, and Angela and Domenick finished 4th for 2 points.

The second checkpoint paired up Danny with Angela, Tyson with Sarah, Domenick with Justine, and Cayla was alone.

During this checkpoint, they had to run to some tables and eat a full, raw onion to continue. They started throwing up when they ate it.

Cayla really had trouble with the onion. She said, “I don’t wanna quit, but my body is literally breaking down.” However, she did manage to complete it. After the onion part, they had to run some more and solve a series of equations. Angela and Danny won this checkpoint for 5 points. Sarah and Tyson finished second for 4 points. Justine and Domenick took 3rd for 3 points. Cayla came in last for 2 points.

The 3rd checkpoint paired up Domenick with Cayla, Angela with Tyson, Sarah with Danny, and Justine was alone. During this checkpoint, they had to run down a path and memorize a series of numbers along the way to eventually crack a code at the end. Tyson and Angela won this checkpoint for 5 points. Sarah and Danny took second for 4 points. Domenick and Cayla came in 3rd for 3 points. Justine finished, but ran out of time. So, she got no points.

The 4th checkpoint paired up Danny with Justine, Tyson with Cayla, Sarah with Domenick, and Angela was alone. During this checkpoint, they had to shovel piles of dirt. At one point, Angela decided to just not do this challenge and take last place since she figured she would get last place anyways without a partner for it.

Unfortunately for Angela, her logic was flawed because she still had to complete the challenge in order to move on, and she just decided not to complete the challenge at all and go to sleep to supposedly rest up for the final checkpoint.

Meanwhile, Domenick and Sarah won this checkpoint for 5 points. Tyson and Cayla took second place for 4 points. Danny and Justine claimed 3rd place for 3 points. Again, since Angela didn’t even try to complete the checkpoint, it was considered a quit. So, she was eliminated. Angela was so upset because she didn’t know it would be a quit if she didn’t complete the challenge. She thought it was a strategic move. She also lost all the money she had won so far.

After all that, it was time for the remaining contestants to complete the final checkpoint. They were not split into teams for this one. They were all on their own. In it, they had to make their way up a huge mountain and solve two puzzles along the way in order to keep going. Sarah struggled for a really long time with the first puzzle, and it really looked like she was about to quit.

Meanwhile, Tyson took an early lead. However, Danny caught up to him on the second puzzle and passed him. During this second puzzle, it was snowing and freezing cold to the point that Tyson, Domenick and Justine decided they had to quit. Then, Cayala quit saying, “I can’t feel my fingers. I’m freaking out.”

Danny made it to the top of the mountain first and won! Meanwhile, Sarah refused to give up and eventually completed both of the puzzles to at least complete the challenge. So, Sarah won for the women and Danny won for the men since everyone else quit.

Danny and Sarah got to split $500,000 dollars, and they made it to the World championships of the Challenge. How do you guys feel about Danny McCray and Sarah Lacina winning it all? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest, “The Challenge USA” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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