The Challenge USA September 21, 2023 Eliminated Alyssa S & Wes (Recap)

The Challenge USA September 21, 2023 Eliminated Alyssa S & Wes (Recap)

Hey, “The Challenge USA” fans. Tonight, September 21, 2023, another new episode of The Challenge USA’s current season 2 did hit the air, and we saw not 1, but 2 more people get eliminated in this double elimination episode.

Tonight’s new episode kicked off with Desi telling the private cams, “I don’t know where Chris’ head is at.” Chris told the private cams, “I will take ownership for how I messed up.” Wes told the private cams, “Josh will never be a rival or threat for me, but he sure is trying so hard like Pinocchio trying so hard to be a real boy.”

After all of that, host TJ Lavin showed up with the new individual challenge. It was titled, “Go The Distance.” It was played in 2 heats. During it, the contestants had to run and jump off a platform surrounded by water to grab a baton that was hanging in mid-air.

If they missed grabbing the baton, they were out. Each round, the batons were moved further out to make it more difficult for them to grab. TJ also explained to them at this time that this is a double elimination round. So, winning this one is even more important than it usually is.

When it was all played and done, Michaela won for the women, and Faysal won for the men. So, Faysal and Micheala were safe from elimination and got to pick which woman and man to send to elimination.

Michaela suggested to Desi and Chanelle that she pitch Tori’s name for elimination, but Desi didn’t like that idea because she thinks that the other women will vote to put Desi or Chanelle up against Tori in the secret vote.

During Faysal and Michaela’s talk, they agreed to put up Alyssa S and Chris. Their logic was if they targeted one of the vets and they win, they would be a target for the vets in the next round. So, they decided to play it safe and just put up some one who was more likely to go home on the women’s side and maybe the stronger players will do them a favor and not target them if they win in the next round.

Josh told the private cams, “It’s best for my game to target Wes in the secret vote.” At the elimination challenge, Alyssa S and Chris made their way to the arena. Then, the secret votes were revealed. For the men, Wes got 3 votes, Tyler got 7 votes and Johnny Bananas got 2 votes.

For the women, Tori got 2 votes, Michelle got 1 vote and Cassidy received a whopping 9 votes. Those votes were thrown into the ball hopper machine, and host TJ Lavin drew Wes and Cassidy’s names. So, Cassidy had to face Alyssa S, and Wes had to face Chris in the elimination challenge.

This elimination challenge was titled, “Ripped off.” It was played in 2 heats. During it, one person wore a suit with 10 velcro patches on it while the other person tried to chase and grap the patches off the suit. The one wearing the suit had to avoid and do everything to try and stop the other person from removing all the patches.

The person who removed the most patches from their opponent, won. Alyssa S was able to grab 8 of Cassidy’s patches. Cassidy was able to remove 9 of Alyssa S’ patches. So, Alyssa S was eliminated.

Wes pulled off 9 of Chris’ patches. Chris was able to pull off all 10 of Wes patches when he finally caught him. So, Wes was eliminated.

Alyssa told the private cams, “That was so out of my comfort zone for sure. I will miss Tyler so much. I hope Tyler wins. Playing this game with him was great.” Tyler echoed Alyssa S’ comments, and he said he’ll be giving her a call after this is over.

Josh broke down and ended up telling Wes he was the 3rd vote for him. Wes told the private cams, “I won’t be coming back for another season. I’m proud of the legacy I left behind.”

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “The Challenge USA” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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