The Challenge USA August 17, 2023 Eliminated Paulie Calafiore (Recap)

The Challenge USA August 17, 2023 Eliminated Paulie Calafiore (Recap)

Hey, “The Challenge USA” fans. Tonight,August 17, 2023, another new episode of The Challenge USA’s current season 2 did indeed hit the air tonight, and we saw another unlucky contestant get eliminated by the time it was over.

Tonight’s new episode kicked off with Tori and Amanda getting into another big fight over how the votes went down in the last episode. Amanda told Tori, “We were never friends. It shouldn’t be a surprise to you how the votes went down.”

At one point, Tori and Paulie were seen chatting. He revealed that he got therapy to help get rid of the chip on his shoulder. Tori told him, “I can tell. You seem so much calmer now.” Tori told the private cams, “I wouldn’t mind working with Paulie in this game.”

After all of that, host TJ Lavin showed up with a new challenge for the Red, Blue and Green teams. It was titled,”Capsized.” In it, the teams had to swim to a boat, capsize it and retrieve an answer key from the underbelly of it. Then, one at a time, each member from each team had to swim back to one of the buoys, retrieve a flag and swim back to the boat.

From there, they had to string up their flags in the order they appeared on the flag key. Whichever team got the most right in the least amount of time, won. They did this in 3 heats. The Red team went first. The Blue team went second, and the Green team went 3rd.

When this challenge wrapped up, it was revealed that both the Red and Blue team scored 20 points. The Green team scored 19 points, So, they were out. It came down to the time of the Red and Blue teams. The Blue team got it done in 36:12. The Red got it done in 43:06. So, the Blue team won for safety from elimination in this episode, and they got to nominate who should go up for elimination.

During the Blue team’s meeting, vet Cory told the private cams,”I don’t wanna go down with the rest of the other vets. I wanna protect myself.” Johnny Bananas, Monte, Amanda, Fezzy, Desi, Tiffany and Michele’s names were mentioned as possible nominees, but they ultimately decided to go with: Amanda and Johnny Bananas for elimination.

Once Johnny Bananas found out, he got really ticked off at Cory and told him he was a b^*tch for caving in and going along with the Blue team’s vote to put him up for elimination. Johnny told Fezzy he’s a b^%tch too. Fezzy told Johnny,”I’m just playing the game. That’s how it goes.”

Chris told the private cams, “I’m not buying Johnny Bananas’ pity party.” Desi told the private cams. “I wanna get Johnny Bananas out.”

Next, we saw Johnny Bananas and Amanda getting brought out for the elimination challenge. However, there was a secret vote twist that could save one of them. In the secret vote twist, Josh, Tyler, Chanelle, Paulie and Monte’s names were thrown into the mix as selections. So, their names were thrown into a ball hopper machine, and Paulie’s name was drawn. Since Paulie is a guy, Amanda was deemed safe from elimination. Paulie and Johnny Bananas had to face off in the elimination challenge.

The elimination challenge was titled, “Fire and Ice.” In it, Paulie and Johnny Bananas stood on their own block of ice with their arm tied to a bucket of fish guts. If they moved their arm to far, the fish guts fell on them and they lost. They also got to use their free hand to chunk bean bags at a target. If they hit it, it caused fire to ignite under the other person’s block of ice.

Also, when they hit the other person’s target, it stopped the fire from burning their block of ice. So, Paulie and Johnny went back and forth, hitting each other’s targets to ignite that fire. Finally, Johnny hit Paulie’s target to ignite his fire one last time.

Paulie had one bean bag left to hit Johnny’s target and ignite his fire, and he missed. So, Paulie’s fire kept going. He tried to hold out as long as he could, but his block of ice started melting too quickly from the fire, and it caused him to move his arm to the point that the fish guts fell onto him. So, Paulie lost, and Johnny won. Paulie was eliminated.

The show capped off with the defect twist, which allowed Johnny to decide if he wants to switch teams or not. We got a “To Be Continued” message at this point. So, we’ll have to wait until the next episode to see what Johnny decides.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “The Challenge USA” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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