Big Brother August 17, 2023 Evicted Reilly Smedley (Recap)

Big Brother August 17, 2023 Evicted Reilly Smedley (Recap)

Hey, “Big Brother” fans. Tonight, August, 17, 2023, another new episode of Big Brother season 25 did indeed hit the air, and it was the LIVE eviction episode. So, we did see an unlucky houseguest get voted out of the house by the time it was over.

Tonight’s LIVE eviction episode kicked off with footage of what took place in the house after reigning POV (Power Of Veto) winner and HOH (Head Of Household) Hisam chose not to use the veto at the last POV ceremony.

Hisam told the Diary room aka private cams, “I decided not to use the veto because Reilly has been spearheading a movement to get me out of the house.” Reilly told the private cams, “I’m never giving up. I’m not going to let Hisam do this to me. ” Jag told the private cams, “Reilly is the one we all want to keep, but we need a 7th vote from the other side of the house.”

Izzy and a few others said Hisam’s POV ceremony speech to Reilly was a bit much. Cirie told Reilly, “You’ve got my vote,” but she told the private cams, “Voting to keep Reilly might not be best for my game because I would have to cross Hisam.” Cirie also told Matt she didn’t want Reilly out. Blue told the private cams, “I see myself going further with Reilly in this game.”

Cory told the private cams, “I want to do the opposite of what Hisam wants.” At one point, there was some comical footage of Cameron telling Jared that he thinks Felicia is related to actor Denzel Washington. Jared said, “As long as he doesn’t suspect me and my mom are related, I don’t care.”

Jag told Cirie that their whole side is looking to keep Reilly. Cirie told the private cams, “If all those people are looking to keep Reilly, I might not be in a bad spot if I vote for Reilly to stay.” Cirie and Felicia complained to the private cams that Hisam likes to call all the shots and doesn’t listen to what anyone else has to say. Cirie told the private cams, “I really got upset when Hisam brought up Jared’s name as a possible future target.”

Izzy told Cirie, “Hisam is very scary right now.” Eventually, Felicia joined their conversation, and they started making plans to backdoor Hisam next week. Izzy said, “I’m not letting Hisam railroad his way to the end using us.”

Hisam told America he potentially wants to work with her and that he didn’t like getting stuck with his side of the house because they’re not really good at competitions. America told the private cams, “I don’t trust Hisam, and I think his whole pitch was weird.” So, she ran back and told Cory everything Hisam tried to pitch to her. Then, Cory relayed that same message to Izzy, Cirie and Felicia. After hearing that, they started thinking maybe keeping Reilly is the best move.

Cirie and Felicia told Mecole that Hisam is trying to cover himself with the other side of the house and throwing them under the bus. They tried to convince Mecole that keeping Reilly would benefit them because she would owe them, but Mecole wasn’t quite buying into it.

After all of that, the eviction nominees Reilly and Cameron gave their final plea speeches. Then, the other houseguests minus HOH Hisam casts their votes to evict. Red, Bowie, Jag, Cory, Matt, Blue, Cirie, Felicia, America, Micole, Izzy and Jared all voted to evict Reilly. No one voted to evict Cameron. So, by a unanimous vote of 12-0, Reilly was evicted from the Big Brother season 25 house tonight.

Reilly gave her exit interview with host Julie Chen. Reilly told Julie, “It was really hard for my side to gather the votes. So, I told them not to sacrifice their games for me.” Julie told Reilly about Cirie and Jared being mother and son, and she was shocked. Reilly also listened to some goodbye messages to cap off the show.

Once again, the producers chose not to do an HOH competition on the LIVE eviction show tonight. So, we’re going to have to tell you who won the next HOH competition later on tomorrow. So, definitely be on the lookout for that report. Be sure to follow us on our official Big Brother Twitter page for the latest Big Brother news and updates by Clicking Here.

The next, new episode of Big Brother’s current season 25 is airing this Sunday night,August 20, 2023, starting at approximately 7 pm central standard time.

Alright, guys. That’s going to be a wrap for this latest, “Big Brother” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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