The Challenge USA October 19, 2023 Winners Revealed In The Finale (Recap)

The Challenge USA October 19, 2023 Winners Revealed In The Finale (Recap)

Hey, “The Challenge” fans. Tonight, October 19, 2023, the grand finale episode for The Challenge USA season 2 did hit the air, and we finally found out who won this thing at the end of it. Tonight’s new, finale episode kicked off with the finale contestants learning that the final will consist of 4 trials and a final race up a huge mountain. How they performed in the 4 trials determined their starting positions in the final race.

The winners of each of the 4 trials were given a 1-minute head start advantage in the final race up the mountain. The losers got a minute taken away from their start time. Before each trial challenge started, the players could bet that they would finish it first for an extra minute advantage, but if they lost, they got 2 minutes taken away from their start time in the final race.

The first trial was a strength challenge. They had to drag a sled up a hill while stacking boxes on it. Chris won this challenge for the men to gain a minute head start in the final race challenge. Cory got a 2-minute penalty for not winning it because he bet he could win it.

Michaela won the strength challenge for the women to gain a minute head start in the final race challenge. Tori got a 1 minute penalty for the final race for finishing last.

The second trial was a spelling challenge. Desi won it for the women and got a 2- minute head start since she bet she could win it. Johnny won this one for the men and got a 1-minute head start in the final race. Cory got a 1-minute penalty for losing it, and and Tori got a 1-minute penalty for losing it.

The 3rd trial was the skills trial. They had to do a connect 4 four puzzle challenge. Tori and Faysal won it for a 1-minute heads start. Desi and Cori lost. So, Cory lost another minute and was down a total of 4 minutes for the big race at this point.

The final trial was an eating trial. In this one, they had to eat some disgusting foods as fast as they could. The first woman and man to gulp it down, won. During it, almost everyone started gagging. However, Tori seemed to enjoy it. She was a beast in this one. Tori won it for the women. Faysal won it for the guys. Chanelle and Cory lost. So, Cori was down a total of 5 minutes for the big race.

After all of that, it was time for the big race challenge. During, it the contestants had to run a 10-mile race that would end with them at the top of a huge mountain. They encountered risk stations on the way up that offered them certain advantages if they could successfully complete a challenge associated with them.

Johnny got a 2-minute head start for the men. Chanelle got a 1-minute time penalty for the women. Cory had a 5 minute time penalty for the men. So, Cory had to wait a full 5 minute behind everyone before he could start.

The first risk station they encountered featured an axe-throwing challenge. They had to throw an axe at a wooden target and get it to stick. If they could stick it in 4 tries, they were able to take a shortcut which shaved 1.2 miles off getting up the mountain. Johnny, Chris and Cory stuck it to claim the 1.2 mile shortcut. Faysal missed it. So, he had to take the long way. Desi and Michaela stuck it. So, they also got the 1.2 miles shaved off.

The second risk station they encountered feature a rock weighing challenge. If they correctly weighed the rocks, they were given an ATV they could use to go the next mile. When Faysal showed up to this station, it was revealed that he actually took the 1.2 mile shortcut when he wasn’t supposed to. So, he got a one mile penalty. He had to go back and take the long route that he should’ve taken.

Chris won the rock-weighing challenge to take an ATV for one mile. Desi won it too. Cory won the ATV. Chanelle won the ATV. Michaela decided to skip the ATV challenge and go on foot. Tori and Faysal got eliminated at the rock weighing, risk station 2 for arriving last.

The final risk station 3 challenge required them to stack blocks in order of eliminated contestants this season before they could run the last leg of the mountain. They all seem to get it done pretty easily. So, they were off to the final leg.

Unfortunately for Michaela,she was was too tired after station 3 from having to run on foot for that whole mile after skipping the ATV rock-weighing challenge, and the paramedics actually had to come check on her. Michaela told the private cams, “Skipping the rock-weighing, ATV challenge was a $250,000 dollar mistake.”

Chris ended up winning this final for the men. Chris told the private cams,”This is one of the sweetest victories of my entire life because of all the obstacles I had to go through.” Cory came in second place despite getting hit with the 5-minute delay. So, he was proud of himself.

Desi won the finale for the women. I was really happy about that for her because last season, she got eliminated in the final due to her partner Enzo refusing to complete that first part of the race out of a fear of drowning in the water. So, good for Desi for getting to right that wrong on her second try. Chris and Desi took home $250,000 each for their victories. How do you guys feel about Desi and Chris winning this second season of The Challenge USA? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest, “The Challenge USA” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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