The Challenge USA September 7, 2023 Eliminated Monte Taylor (Recap)

The Challenge USA September 7, 2023 Eliminated Monte Taylor (Recap)

Hey, “The Challenge USA” fans. Tonight, September 7, 2023, another new episode of The Challenge USA’s current season 2 did indeed hit the air, and another unlucky contestant got eliminated at the end.

Tonight’s new episode kicked off with the contestants talking about the teams ending, and the individual game starting up. Josh told the private cams he feels pretty safe. Tori told the private cams that she felt great about it. Tyler and Monte talked about protecting each other to keep the Big Brother people as strong as possible.

Johnny Bananas told the private cams that he didn’t want to have Michaela working against him, and he offered to work with her. She accepted and told the private cams, “I look forward to working with Johnny.” Tyler told the private cams, “I will do my best to keep Alyssa S’ head in the game.”

After all of that, host TJ Lavin presented them with the first individual challenge of this season. It was titled, “Spell-Lunkers.” During this challenge, they were split up into 4 heats of 4 players. They were assigned a pair of lock boxes. They had to swim out in the water and find some buoys. Once there, they had to find a word search puzzle under the water.

Once they got the correct word, they had to swim back to their lock box and unlock the code with the word they found. The lock box contained a flashlight that they had to use to swim into a dark cave that featured a bigger word search puzzle. Once they found the correct word, they had to swim back and use the word to unlock their box and release a smoke flare, which stopped the time on their clock. The woman and man who got the fastest time, won.

The first heat featured: Faysal, Tyler, Alyssa S and Cassidy. Alyssa S and Faysal won this heat. The second heat featured: Johnny Bananas, Chanelle, Michaela and Monte. Johnny and Chanelle won this heat.

The 3rd heat featured: Wes, Michelle, Tori and Sebastian. Tori and Wes won this heat. The 4th heat featured: Chris, Desi, Cory and Josh. Josh and Desi won this heat. After all of that, TJ Lavin revealed that Tori got the fastest time for the women, and Johnny Bananas got the fastest time for the men. So, Tori and Johnny were safe from elimination, and they got to pick which man and woman went up for elimination.

Tori and Johnny agreed to send Tyler and Alyssa S to elimination. Tyler told the private cams, “I’m trying to make this a guy’s elimination via the secret vote to keep Alyssa S safe. It’s time to get a guy out.”

Tyler, Alyssa and Monte worked to try and get Sebastian voted in for elimination. Meanwhile, a lot of the other people were trying to get Monte voted in for elimination.

At the elimination challenge, it was revealed that Sebastian got 6 votes, Cassidy got 1 vote and Monte got 7 votes during the secret vote twist. So, all their votes were thrown into the ball hopper machine. Then, host TJ Lavin drew out Monte’s name. So, Tyler had to compete against Monte in the elimination challenge, and Alyssa S was safe.

This elimination challenge was titled, “Too Cool For Spool.” During it, Tyler and Monte had to recreate a pyramid of balls on top of a spool. They were attached to it by a rope that caused it to spin everytime they moved. So, any jerky movements caused their balls to fall. They had to move very slowly and meticulously in order to make sure their balls didn’t fall. The first one to do it and ring a buzzer, won. When it was all played and done, Tyler was able to pull out the victory. So, Monte was eliminated.

Monte told the private cams, “It was tough going up against my best friend in the house. We were out there for about 3 hours. I’m glad Tyler gets to go back in there and protect Alyssa S.”

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest, “The Challenge USA” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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