Big Brother September 7, 2023 Evicted Red Utley. New HOH Revealed (Recap)

Big Brother September 7, 2023 Evicted Red Utley. New HOH Revealed (Recap)

Hey, “Big Brother” fans. Tonight, September 7, 2023 another new, LIVE eviction episode for Big Brother’s current season 25 did indeed hit the air, and we did see another houseguest walk out of the house by the time it was done. There was no crazy invincibility twist to stop it this time.

Tonight’s LIVE eviction episode kicked off with footage of what took place in the house after Cameron used the veto to save himself from the chopping block, and reigning HOH Jared threw up Jag as a replacement nominee at the last POV ceremony.

Cameron told the Diary room aka private cams, “I’m not giving up on repairing my relationship with Red.” Cirie told the private cams, “Jag is the headlining target this week. He’s too dangerous for my game with all the information he has about Matt using the invincibility power to save him and so on and so forth.”

Jared told the private cams, “Jag is the target ,right now, and he will probably be walking out the door real soon.” Izzy told the private cams, “I’m all for targeting Jag if Red and Cameron’s bromance is really dead.” America joked to the private cams that she’s trying to mold Cory into the perfect boyfriend for her. It was a funny segment.

Mecole told the private cams, “I hope we can stick to the plan of getting rid of Jag this week.” Then, Mecole and Felicia started thinking that Red and Cameron could easily mend their differences and get back together. Mecole also told the private cams, “It makes no sense to not think Cameron and Red could team up again.”

Red told Jared that he wanted to have a talk with him and Cameron to sort out what’s really been said. Jared told the private cams, “Red’s desire to have a conversation with Cameron and myself makes me feel a little uneasy. If he’s looking to start working with Cameron again, that’s dangerous for my game and the people I work with.”

So, Jared ran back and told Izzy, Felicia and Cirie about Red and Cameron possibly teaming back up again. Felicia said Jared should go with his first instinct of this week, which was getting rid of either Red or Cameron.

After all of that, the two eviction nominees Jag and Red gave their final plea speeches. Then, the rest of the houseguests minus HOH Jared cast their votes to evict.

Cameron and Bowie Jane voted to evict Jag. Blue, America, Matt, Cirie, Izzie, Cory, Felicia and Mecole all voted to evict Red. So, by a landslide vote of 8-2, Red got evicted from the Big Brother season 25 house tonight. Red gave everyone a hug on the way out.

Then, Red gave his exit interview with host Julie Chen-Moonves. He told Julie,”I kinda had an idea that some funny business was going on, but it is what it is. I think Cameron backstabbed me the most. I didn’t talk to Cameron and took Jared’s word for it because Jared’s description seem to fall in line with Cameron’s mannerisms.”

Julie told Red that Cameron voted for him to stay and that Jared and Cirie are mother and son. Red got to hear a couple of goodbye messages. Red’s final words were, “This was an absolutely amazing experience.”

After the exit interview, we finally got see the new HOH competition play out LIVE for the first time this season. It was a true or false quiz competition titled, “Name That Toot.” They were asked the true or false questions after watching some funny fart videos. When it was all played and done, Cameron emerged as the winner. So, Cameron is the new HOH this week. Afterwards, Julie told the houseguests that since it is humila-week, everyone except for Cameron will be have-nots this week.

How do you guys feel about Red getting evicted tonight, and Cameron winning the new HOH competition? Let us know in the comments section. The next, big question is who will Cameron nominate for eviction this week? We will find all of that out during tomorrow’s nomination ceremony. So, we will be back on to report the results of it. Be sure to follow us on our official Big Brother Twitter page for the latest Big Brother news and updates by Clicking Here.

Alright, guys. That is going to be a wrap for this latest, “Big Brother” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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