Big Brother July 28, 2022 Evicted Ameerah Jones (Recap)

Big Brother July 28, 2022 Evicted Ameerah Jones (Recap)

Hey,fellow “Big Brother” fans. Tonight, July 28, 2022, another LIVE eviction episode for Big Brother’s current season 24 did indeed air, and it ended with a major blindside.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with the POV (Power Of Veto) ceremony footage. Michael and Brittany used their veto to take themselves off the chopping block. Then, reigning HOH (Head Of House) Turner nominated Ameerah and Turner in their place. Turner told them, “We don’t talk game.” Turner also mentioned there’s been a lot of dogging on one individual aka Taylor, and it’s not ok. “Getting rid of Taylor is not good for my game,” he said.

Turner told the private cams, “There’s been a lot of bullying of Taylor, and it’s not ok.” Ameerah told the private cams, “I kinda thought Turner would be the one to make a big move, but I wasn’t expecting his speech.”

Taylor told the private cams that she appreciated Taylor standing up for her in his speech. “I needed that,” she said.

Terrance was seen telling some of the houseguests, “I’m not campaigning against Ameerah. I want her to stay over me.” Michael told the private cams, “I’m with the Leftovers alliance, and we’re getting rid of Ameerah. Terrance, we’re keeping you here whether you like it or not.” Monte and Michael continued to make Ameerah think she was safe this week. Monte told the private cams, “If Ameerah senses anything suspicious, we could be in deep trouble.”

All the members of the Leftovers alliance kept telling the private cams how they have to put up a really good act for Ameerah and her side of the house so they don’t suspect anything.

Since Nicole thought Terrance was going home over Ameerah, she decided to tell him her secret about being an undercover cop for 10 years. At one point, Turner was seen telling Terrance, “You’re actually staying over Ameerah and don’t tell anyone.” Terrance said, “I swear I won’t say a word.”

Brittany told the private cams, “Ameerah, you’re going home this week, and it’s not just because of the guys.” Ameerah told Nicole, “If the vote gets flipped, I’m gonna blow up everything when I leave.”

After all of that, the eviction nominees Ameerah and Terrance gave their final plea speeches. Then, the rest of the houseguests casts their votes to evict.

Monte, Brittany, Taylor, Kyle, Michael, Daniel and Joseph all voted to evict Ameerah. Alyssa, Indy, Nicole and Jasmine voted to evict Terrance. So, by a vote of 7-4, Ameerah did get evicted from the Big Brother season 24 house tonight.

Ameerah said,”You guys got me,” and she gave everyone a hug on the way out. Daniel actually just thought he was giving Terrance a sympathy vote. He didn’t know he was actually helping the Leftovers get rid of Ameerah. So, that was great. Funniest thing ever.

Ameerah gave her exit interview with host Julie Chen-Moonves. Ameerah told Julie, “I’m kind of shocked, and I’m kind of not shocked. I knew I was a bigger threat than Terrance. So, I did doubt a little bit when everyone was telling me I was safe.

Turner wouldn’t put me on the block if he didn’t have the votes to secure that.” Julie told Ameerah about the Leftovers alliance consisting of: Monte, Kyle, Joseph, Taylor, Brittany, Turner and Michael. Ameerah said, “Oh, that’s good. It was smart for them to get me out.” So, she was a good sport about everything.

Next, Julie explained to the remaining houseguests that Terrance can join a new set of besties since Ameerah is gone. He chose to join Monte and Joseph. So, he’s now playing the game with them as a triple bestie group.

After all of that, the houseguests competed in the new HOH comp. It was titled, “The Invitation” after Sony’s new movie of the same title. It was another two-round comp. In the first round, they were thrown envelopes, and they had to find a red one. The first 8 houseguests to find a red one moved on to the next round.

Jasmine, Terrance and Brittany were seen locating a red one before the LIVE show ran out of time. So, we’re going to have to let you guys know who won this HOH competition later on tonight or early tomorrow morning. It will all depend on when this HOH comp will end and when the LIVE feeds come back on. How do you guys feel about Ameerah Jones getting evicted tonight? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new Big Brother season 24 episode is scheduled to air this Sunday night, July 31, 2022 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, Big Brother TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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