The Bachelorette August 22, 2022 Eliminated Tyler Norris (Recap)

The Bachelorette August 22, 2022 Eliminated Tyler Norris (Recap)

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans. Tonight, August 22, 2022, another new episode of The Bachelorette 2022 edition with headliners Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey hit the air, and we got to see all of the hometown dates.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with footage of Gabby and Rachel talking about meeting the families of their final guys. Gabby mentioned that she’s only meeting three men’s families while Rachel is visiting the families of 4 men.

Next, Gabby met up with Jason in his hometown of New Orleans. She greeted him with a big hug and kiss. He took her dancing in the street. They threw beaded necklaces to people from a balcony and kissed. At one point, Jason told Gabby he was going to leave in the beginning, but he stayed for her. She liked that.

Jason’s dad Michael ended up meeting them in the park, and he gave Gabby some flowers. Jason talked with his dad, and he was so happy for Jason and Gabby and offered his full support. During the second half, Gabby met the rest of Jason’s family.

They greeted Gabby with hugs and smiles. Gabby talked with Jason’s sister Kelsy. Gabby asked her, “Do you think Jason’s ready for someone long term?’ Kelsey said, “Yes, with the right person. I think you’re a great person for Jason.” So, that talk went well.

Gabby talked with Jason’s mother Karen. Gabby said, “Jason is more reserved, and I’m not. Do you think that something he needs?” Karen said, “I think it’s a perfect balance. I’m hoping for the best for you two.” Karen told the private cams, “I got a good feeling from Gabby, and I hope they live happily ever after.”

Jason talked with Karen, and he told her, “I could never see myself getting engaged at this point. I need space to process everything that’s happened.” Karen asked Jason, “How would you feel without Gabby?” Jason said, “I would be really upset.” Karen said, “You need to remember that. I don’t want to see you loose something really good because of all the distractions.”

Gabby told the private cams, “I’m head over hills for Jason. We had an amazing time together. I am falling in love with him. It feels like a dream.” At the end, they hugged goodbye.

Rachel greeted Zach in his hometown of Anaheim, California. He took her to a rooftop to watch airplanes fly by. It was a childhood memory of theirs. So, Rachel thought it was really special. Zach told Rachel, “I’m still falling in love with, and I’m excited for you to meet my family,” and they kissed. Rachel told the private cams, “I’m hoping my relationship with Zach can take off to new heights.”

During the second half, Rachel met Zach’s family. Rachel talked with Zach’s dad Chapman. Chapman asked Rachel what attracts you to Zach. Rachel said,”Zach and I bonded over our love of family, and that we’re both ready to settle down.”

Zach told his mom Megan, “I’m falling in love with Rachel. I’m ready.” Megan told the private cams, “My only concern is that there are still other guys.” Rachel talked with Megan. Megan told her, “I just don’t want Zach’s heart to get broken, and what he’s been saying to you is for real. I believe he’s fallen in love with you.”

Zach’s dad told the private cams, “Rachel and Zach just fit. They’re perfect.” Zach told Rachel she got approval from all of his family members, and they kissed goodbye. Rachel told the private cams, “Zach makes me so happy, and my feelings have definitely grown for him. He is so perfect. I’m falling in love with him.”

Gabby greeted Johnny with a huge hug and kiss in his hometown of Palm Beach, Florida. He took her to meet his family first.

Gabby talked with Johnny’s dad John. He told her, “I think you’re great. We’re all in.” Gabby talked with Johnny’s mother Elizabeth. She told her, “Johnny is extremely loyal.” Johnny told his mom, “I don’t know if I’m ready to get married yet. ” He also told his father that same thing. His father still told him, “You need to go for it. I think you’re emotionally ready. Financially, you’ll have to travel that road together.”

Rachel greeted Tyler in his hometown of Wildwood,NJ. He took her to get snacks on the boardwalk. They went to an amusement park. They played some games for prizes. They drove bumper cars and road a mary-go-round ride. They seemed to have a great time and kissed.

However, Rachel told the private cams, “I realize my relationship with Johnny is farther behind than my other relationships. I feel like I have other connections that are stronger. I feel so bad because I care for Tyler so much. I don’t know if I’m ready to meet his family.”

Tyler told Rachel, “I’m so in love with you.” Then, Rachel had to stop him and tell him, “I’m struggling, right now, because I’m not feeling 100 percent confident. I don’t know if I’m ready to meet your family. There’s something missing. I don’t know what it is. I’m so sorry because I care about you so much.”

Tyler said, “I appreciate you being honest because I wouldn’t want to put my family in that position. I appreciate you giving me the chance to love again.” Rachel said, “I wish I could get there. I do.” Tyler said, “It’s ok. I understand.” Then, they hugged goodbye. To cap it off, they showed footage of Tyler having to tell his family that Rachel wasn’t coming to visit them. So, they looked very disappointed.

After all of that, Gabby greeted Erich in his hometown of Bedminister, New Jersey. He took her for a walk before meeting his family. Later, they talked with Erich’s very sick father Allan who has cancer. Erich told Allan, “I really have feelings for Gabby, and I wouldn’t have brought her here if I didn’t really feel that.” Allan seemed quite positive towards Gabby.

Gabby talked with Erich’s mother Donna. She told Gabby, “The most important thing is to never quit on family ever. It’s the most important thing. To keep fighting.”

Afterwards, Erich and Gabby talked. He told her, “I’m falling in love with you,” and they kissed. Gabby said, “I’m falling in love with you. I always wanted to be with someone like you, but I didn’t think it was possible,” and they kissed again. Gabby told the private cams, “I am really falling in love with Erich, and that means so much to me. I can picture us so easily together.”

Rachel greeted Tino with a big hug and kiss in his hometown of Santa Clarita, California. She talked with Tino about being very nervous to meet his family. He told her not to worry.

Tino’s family greeted Rachel with hugs and smiles. Tino told them he was very sure of Rachel from the start. Tino talked with his father Joe. Joe asked Tino, “How in just 5 weeks do you know enough about Rachel to get married to her?” Tino said, “I feel like I know enough.” Joe said,”I just feel like this just isn’t enough time to consider marriage. We’re probably more nervous than you are.”

Meanwhile, Tino’s mother Sandy told Rachel, “This process isn’t like how you meet someone in real life. Would you be interested in Tino if you met him out in the wild and not in the controlled and contrived environment of a reality TV show. I just have to figure out, in a week or two, if I’m mending a broken heart or planning a wedding.”

Rachel told the private cams, “Sandy grilled my a#%.” Rachel talked with father Joe. Rachel told Joe, “Me and Tino have talked about serious things really quickly.” Joe said,”I’m just having a hard time wrapping my mind around this. It’s nothing against you, we just kind of see this whole process as a fairytale thing. I just want Tino to make the right decision and fall for the right person.”

Rachel expressed to the private cams that she was very uncomfortable with Joe’s skepticism. Joe went on to tell Rachel, “Both of you should be honest with each other and make sure you’re ready to be engaged is all I’m saying.” Rachel told the private cams, “Tino’s family hates me.”

Towards the end, Joe and Sandy told Tino and Rachel, “I think you have more you need to learn about each other.” Tino told Rachel, “My family adored you.” Rachel said, “I don’t think so.” Tino said, “Of course, they are going to ask you, ‘are you sure,’ and I’m telling you, ‘I’m sure.’ I don’t want a future without you. I’m falling in love with you.”

Rachel said, “I’m falling in love with you too,” and they kissed. Rachel told the private cams, “I feel a lot better knowing how Tino feels. I just don’t feel like I had any support from Tino’s parents.”

And that was a wrap for this episode, guys. They didn’t show a rose ceremony because they totally ran out of time due to having to cover both Gabby and Rachel’s hometown dates. Ugh, I hope they never do another double-Bachelorette season again and so do the producers. I heard it was a headache for them to film.

Anyways, even though there was no rose ceremony, I think we can safely say that Tyler was eliminated in this episode since Rachel told him something is missing with him and decided not to meet his family.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest,”The Bachelorette” recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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