The Golden Bachelor October 12, 2023 Eliminated Edith & Christine (Recap)

The Golden Bachelor October 12, 2023 Eliminated Edith & Christine (Recap)

Hey, “The Golden Bachelor” fans. Tonight, October 12, 2023, another new episode of The Golden Bachelor’s current premiere season 1 did indeed hit the air with headliner Gerry Turner, and we saw some more women get eliminated at the end of it.

Tonight’s new episode kicked off with the women going on a group date with Gerry. During it, they participated in a talent show, and the winner of it got to have a special, 1 on 1 dinner date with Gerry. Former Bachelorette headliner Kaitlyn Bristowe and host Jesse Palmer were on hand to help judge it. Joan served up a very moving poem that impressed Gerry enough to give her the win at the end. So, Gerry and Joan went off to enjoy their dinner date.

Gerry and Joan talked during this date. He told her,”Someone who puts themselves out there like that is very attractive to me.” She talked about finally doing something for herself by coming on the show. Gerry told her, “I’m excited to be with you more than anyone else.” Then, he gave her a rose, and they kissed. Joan told the private cams, “We connected on so many levels. I think Gerry is someone I could really have a future with.”

Later the next day, an emergency happened with Joan’s daughter who just had a baby. So, Joan had to leave to go be with her. Joan pulled Gerry aside to break the bad news to him. Gerry told her,”I understand, but I am really disappointed. Sometimes the right thing to do is the hardest,” and they hugged goodbye. Joan told the private cams, “I hope Gerry does find someone because he definitely deserves it. He’s a wonderful guy.”

Next, Ellen and Gerry had a 1 on 1 date. Before it started, Ellen was given the opportunity to go get a new dress for the date. During the date, Gerry and Ellen talked about their previous marriages for a little bit. Then, they were seen taking a hot air balloon ride. They started kissing on the balloon, and Gerry gave her a rose.

After all of that, we got to see some drama take place. Apparently, Kathy had an issue with some of Theresa’s choice of words. Kathy told the private cams, “I feel like Theresa think she already has this won.” She was accusing Theresa of being too boastful and possessive about her relationship with Gerry. .
During the cocktail party, Gerry talked with Faith. Their conversation went well. Gerry told her,”I think this could really blossom into something.” She said, “I’m glad to hear that,” and they kissed.

Gerry talked with Kathy,and she told him that she’s been having a tough time. Gerry wanted to know more. She said,”I don’t want to do the wrong thing. I just want you to be happy.” That really impressed Gerry to the point that he gave her a rose right there on the spot.

Theresa caught wind that Kathy might have a problem with her. So, she pulled Kathy aside to talk about it. During this talk, Kathy told Theresa, “You’ve made me feel like I don’t have a shot with Gerry.” Theresa said, “I feel horrible that I made you feel that way.” The conversation didn’t really end well because Kathy seemed very blunt and cold about it. She didn’t seem to have any empathy for Theresa’s pain.

Theresa went to another room and cried about it. Gerry went to talk with Theresa, and she told him what happened with Kathy. Gerry told her, “I think you should let it go if you don’t feel in your heart that you were being boastful.”

Next, we got footage of the rose ceremony. During it, Gerry gave: Faith, Sandra, Leslie, Nancy, Susan, April and Theresa a rose to join Ellen and Kathy who received roses earlier in this episode. That means that poor Edith and Christina did not get a rose, and they were eliminated.

Theresa told the private cams, “I’m really sorry I hurt Kathy.” Kathy kept implying that Theresa is being manipulative by telling the private cams, “I don’t know if Theresa knows exactly what she’s doing, or if she’s just dumb as a rock. She just needs to shut her mouth.”

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “The Golden Bachelor” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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