Big Brother September 25, 2022 Winner Revealed In Finale Episode (Recap)

Big Brother September 25, 2022 Winner Revealed In Finale Episode (Recap)

Hey, fellow “Big Brother” fans. Tonight, September 25, 2022, the finale episode of Big Brother’s current season 24 finally arrived, and it did not disappoint as we finally found out who won this thing by the time it was all over with.

Tonight’s LIVE finale episode kicked off with footage of the final 3: Monte, Taylor and Turner competing in the first round of the finale, 3-part HOH (Head Of Household) competition. It was an endurance competition, and Turner won it as we previously reported.

Then, they showed the second round of the final, 3-part HOH competition between Monte and Taylor. It was a physical/endurance competition, and it turned out to be quite close between these two. Taylor completed it in 7:04, and Monte completed it in 6:41. So, Monte just edged out Taylor for the win.

Taylor told the private cams she thinks Monte will take her to final 3 if he wins against Turner in the end. Turner told the private cams, “I feel really good that Monte won. We made a final 2 together. I will go with Monte to the end if its my decision.”

Turner asked Monte if he would take him to the final 2 if he wins. Monte said, “I don’t have any reason not to.” However, Monte told the private cams, “I think I might have a better chance against Taylor in a final 2 because Turner has done very well.”

Next, we got footage of the jury roundtable discussion. They brought back Big Brother legend Dr. Will Kirby to moderate it. Brittany joined them as the second-to-last juror. Then, she told them how she got evicted. From there, they discussed the pros and cons of Monte, Taylor and Turner.

For Turner, Alyssa said Turner did win competitions. Joseph said Turner had a good social game. Kyle said Turner had a good social game as well. However, they said Turner didn’t contribute much in the strategy meetings.

For Taylor, Joseph said Taylor had strategy behind her moves. Brittany brought up all the targets Taylor had during her HOH, basically saying she was all over the place. Jasmine said Taylor was able to survive the block 5 times. Kyle said he was impressed with Taylor coming off the block and being in a better position each week. Joseph said, “My vote to send Daniel home was largely to make Taylor happy.”

For Monte, Alyssa said Monte hardly ever went up on the block. Indy said Monte had a good social game. Brittany said she thinks Monte is overconfident. Terrance said, “I could never really fully connect with Monte. It was like talking to a politician.”

After all of that, Monte and Turner faced off against each other in the final round of the 3-part, HOH competition. It was a true or false quiz competition that tested Monte and Turner’s knowledge of the events that took place this season. Monte ended up winning it by a score of 7-5 to claim the final HOH competition and decide who joins him in the final two.

Next, Turner and Taylor gave their final plea speeches to Monte. Then, Monte said, “The only thing I see missing from my resume is a big move made. So, Turner I have to evict you.” Turner told Monte, “I have nothing but respect for you, brother,” and they hugged.

Turner gave his interview with host Julie Chen-Moonves. Turner told Julie, “I’m shocked, but not mad. I would’ve taken Monte to final 2. I think he made the right decision to have the best shot with the jury because I did make some big moves.”

In regards to any regrets, Turner said, “I regret not having better jury management and maybe not evicting Michael because I didn’t win anyways. So, whatever.”

Afterwards, Turner joined the jury as the final member. Then, they asked Monte and Taylor their questions.

Kyle asked Monte what was his most pivotal move. Turner said, “My most pivotal move to get to final 2 was making the move to evict Turner. It was a necessary evil.”

Michael asked Taylor, “Did you adapt your game and how?” Taylor said, “I adapted by making sure I built relationships with each of you, and I was able to play this game the way I wanted to.”

Joseph asked Monte, “What’s your biggest blunder in this game?” Monte answered that by saying when he didn’t stay true to himself in protecting Michael and Brittany at some point in the game. Honestly, I lost track of everything he said. It was something about how one thing led to another and so on and so forth.

Jasmine asked Taylor, “Did you make any big moves?” Taylor said, “I didn’t want to make big moves. I tried to protect all the girls in this game. I didn’t want people to think I would directly target them.”

Indy asked Taylor, “Why was being on the block not a weak game.” Taylor said, “I was able to build relationships over the course of the game. I’m resilient. I’m the blockbuster. If you sit next to me, you’re going home. So, good luck, Monte.”

Turner asked Monte, “Why should you get my vote?” Monte said, “Our final 2 started after you and Kyle had a final 2. So, I felt my game wasn’t as much of a priority for you early on. I also felt like I needed to make a big move in getting you out. This is what I felt was best for my game.”

After all of that, Monte and Taylor gave their final speeches to the jury. Monte pointed out all his comp wins and his loyal social game. He said, “I only touched the block twice. I made big moves. I won a veto that led to getting rid of Michael who is won of the best competition players. I made a big move to get out Turner.”

Taylor said, “I’m more than the wins I have. I’ve bled out the most, but I bandaged myself up and fought back. I have never given up. Change the course of this game, and vote for someone who is resilient.” At one point, she also took a shot at Kyle by saying she had to sit next to someone who tried to start an all-white alliance. So, that was interesting.

After all of that, the jury casts their votes for the winner. Then, they brought back the pre-jury members: Daniel, Ameerah, Nicole and Joe Pooch. Unfortunately, Paloma was not there. We don’t know if that was the production’s decision or hers.

During this segment, Joseph took the time to say what he really did during the Split House twist saying, “I did everything I could to protect the Leftover’s alliance, and Terrance saw that.”

Michael confessed to being a criminal defense attorney. Brittany said she understood that Michael throwing her under the bus during his eviction night was just game play.

Joseph confessed to being a lawyer as well saying, “I am a personal trainer, but I was a personal trainer throughout law school.”

Ameerah said she was surprised about Monte and Taylor’s showmance. Taylor commented on it saying, “We’re just friends for now.” Monte agreed.

Alyssa said she’s very hopeful about her and Kyle’s relationship. Kyle echoed those words saying, “I love this girl, and I hope things work out.”

Joe pooch said, “I really did think Taylor would be a threat early on. That’s why she’s sitting at the end. Obviously, I would change some things about how I played, but I enjoyed the experience.” Turner confessed to being the one who ate Jasmine’s muffin.

Daniel said,”I became a fan again when I went back home. Actually, I wanted Michael to stay during his eviction. It was amazing to watch.”

Next, Julie Chen finally revealed the jury votes for the winner. Turner voted for Monte. Brittany voted for Taylor. Alyssa voted for Taylor. Michael voted for Taylor. Terrance voted for Taylor. Kyle voted for Taylor. Joseph voted for Taylor. Jasmine voted for Taylor and Indy voted for Taylor. So, by a landslide vote of 8-1, Taylor won Big Brother season 24 tonight!

However, that wasn’t it for Taylor because Julie also revealed that Taylor won America’s Favorite Player! So, she took home $750,000 dollars for the win, and another $50,000 for America’s Favorite Player. Michael, Taylor and Kyle were the top vote-getters for America’s Favorite Player.

Monte took home a cool $75,000 dollars for being the runner up. Lastly, Julie revealed that Big Brother has been renewed for a brand new season 25! So, we’ll definitely be back next summer, guys. How do you feel about Taylor winning both the season and America’s Favorite Player? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest, “Big Brother” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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