Big Brother November 2, 2023 Evicted Cirie Fields. New HOH Revealed (Recap)

Big Brother November 2, 2023 Evicted Cirie Fields. New HOH Revealed (Recap)

Hey, “Big Brother” fans. Tonight, November 2, 2023, another new, LIVE eviction episode for Big Brother’s current season 25 did indeed hit the air, and another unlucky houseguest was voted off and sent to the jury house at the very end of it. We also got to see another LIVE HOH (Head Of Household) competition get played. So, we have the latest, HOH winner for you guys in this article.

Tonight’s LIVE eviction episode kicked off with footage that took place in the house after reigning POV (Power Of Veto) winner Jag decided not to use the veto to save either Cirie or Felicia from the eviction chopping block at the last POV ceremony. Jag told the private cams, “I decided not to use the veto because I think keeping Cirie is risky for my game. Now, I just need to get Matt onboard to vote out Cirie out this week.”

Felicia told the private cams, “Cirie should walk out the door on Thursday.” Jag told the private cams, “I need to get Matt to help me get Cirie out even if its worse for Matt’s game.” So, Jag went to work to convince Matt to get onboard with voting Cirie out. Bowie joined in to help out.

Matt told the private cams, “I really want Cirie to stay, but I don’t want to push too hard or else Jag and Bowie will get sussed out. Cirie told the private cams, “I feel uneasy and nervous on the block even though people are telling me I’m good.”

At one point, we got to see some jury house footage. Cory showed up and greeted Cameron with a hug. Then, Blue showed up followed by America. America brought a video from her double eviction week. They watched it. Cory said he’s now rooting for Matt to win this season since he’s never even been nominated for eviction this season. He mentioned that Jag did get voted out once this season.

Felicia tried to tell Matt that Jag and Bowie were making fun of him because of a comment Jag made about him being the Olympian, which was clearly a joke. Felicia also told Matt that Jag and Bowie are starting to work closer together, implying that Matt may be on the outs with them.

Matt told Jag all of this, and he definitely didn’t like it. He thought Felicia was trying to take things to a personal level with comments about him making fun of Matt. He said, “I would never make fun of Matt. He’s my friend. We can change this thing up and vote Felicia out. She’s only here because we’ve willed her to be here. Not because of her impressive game play.”

After all of that, the eviction nominees Cirie and Felicia gave their final plea speeches. Then, the rest of the houseguests cast minus HOH Matt cast their votes to evict. Jag and Bowie Jane voted to evict Cirie. No one voted to evict Felicia. So, by a unanimous vote of 2-0, Cirie did finally get evicted from Big Brother season 25 tonight.

Cirie gave her exit interview with host Julie Chen-Moonves. During it, Cirie told Julie, “I never felt safe this week because typically the pawn goes home. I tried to tell Matt this, but Jag has him. I’m really surprised I made it this far. I thought I’d be gone on week 1.

I think playing with my son Jared actually kind of complicated things for me because moves for me weren’t exactly the best moves for him. Big Brother ,for me, is harder than Survivor because it’s like a pressure cooker. You’re stuck in the house for so much longer than you are out on the island.”

After the Cirie exit interview, the remaining houseguests played a new, LIVE HOH competition. It was a memory quiz comp titled, “Chenbot Volume 1.” It came down to Jag and Bowie Jane, and Bowie Jane pulled out the win in a tie breaker. So, Bowie Jane is the new HOH for this week, and she’s guaranteed herself a spot in the final three.

We’re expecting to see the eviction nomination ceremony happen tomorrow, November 3, 2023 sometime. This week is definitely going to get sped up because Julie mentioned that a special LIVE eviction episode will air this Sunday night, November 5, 2023, and the season finale is going to happen on Thursday night, November 9, 2023.

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How do you guys feel about Cirie getting evicted tonight, and Bowie Jane winning the latest, HOH competition? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That’s going to be a wrap for this latest, “Big Brother” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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