The Amazing Race November 30, 2022 Eliminated Aubrey & David (Recap)

The Amazing Race November 30, 2022 Eliminated Aubrey & David (Recap)

Hey,”The Amazing Race” fans. Tonight, November 30, 2022, another new episode of The Amazing Race season 34 did indeed arrive, and we saw another unlucky team get the boot after showing up in last place.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with the teams learning that this leg would be an Expedia inspired adventure one. The teams started this leg by flying from Spain to the Republic of Iceland. When they got there, they had to do a Solheimajokull Ice Climb to get their next clue. They had to climb to the top of a glacier, one at a time, and retrieve an Icelandic flag.

Once they successfully completed the Ice Climb challenge, the teams were told to drive to Fljotshigarfoss to get their next clue. When they got there, they were hit with a new Roadblock challenge. It was titled,”Who’s feeling Misty-Eyed.” During it, one member of each team had to abseil/descend 100 feet into a cave to find their next clue. Afterwards, they had to jump, swim and slide through the rest of the course to reunite with their partner.

After successfully finishing up that Roadblock challenge, the teams had to drive to Silfra Fissure in Thingvellir National Park to get their next clue. When they got there, they had to complete another challenge that required them to dive into the Silfra Fissure for a snorkel and find 14 names of volcanoes and the years they erupted.

After that, they had to correctly recite all the names and dates of the volcanoes to a volcanologist to get their next clue. Poor Aubrey & David ran into major trouble with this one to the point that they couldn’t complete it and had to take a 2-hour penalty! That surely put them in last place.

The rest of the teams that successfully completed the volcano names challenge, were directed to hit up the Gullfoss Fall, which was the spit stop for this leg.

Derek & Claire showed up in first place and won a trip for two to London for 5 days and nights from Expedia. Luis & Michelle took 2nd place. Emily & Molly snatched up the very important 3rd spot and poor Aubrey & David did finish last due to the issues they faced with the volcano-naming challenge. So, they were indeed eliminated.

That means Derek & Claire, Luis & Michelle and Emily & Molly will be your final 3 Amazing Race finalist in next week’s finale episode! How do you guys feel about that? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new episode of The Amazing Race season 34 is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, December 7, 2022 at approximately 8 pm central standard time on CBS. Again, it will be the finale episode.

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest, “The Amazing Race” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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