New Fire Country Season 1 Spoilers For December 9, 2022 Episode 8 Revealed

New Fire Country Season 1 Spoilers For December 9, 2022 Episode 8 Revealed

Hey, “Fire Country” fans. We hope that tonight’s episode 7 gave you much entertainment, especially since it got delayed last week. Now that episode 7 was allowed to finally run its course, we are back on the scene to serve up some new, spoilery info for the next, new episode 8 of Fire Country’s current, premiere season 1, which is due out next Friday night, December 9, 2022.

We were able to track down an official teaser description for one of episode 8’s main storylines via CBS’ official episode 8 press release. So, we’re going to see what it has to say right now. Let’s get to it.

First thing’s first. CBS revealed that this new episode 8 of Fire Country season 1 does have an official title attached to it. The writers decided to name it, “Bad Guy.” It sounds like episode 8 will feature some very intense, dramatic, emotional, action-filled, suspenseful and interesting scenes.

In the new episode 8, some issues with Vince will be the main focus of this storyline that CBS chose to reveal. Yep, it turns out that we’re going to see Vince take up some of the spotlight in this episode when he runs into some emotional issues.

Apparently, he’s going to get hit with some flashbacks of the night his daughter died in a car crash, and it’s going to happen right when he’s trying to rescue two siblings. These flashbacks will definitely skew Vince’s judgement in this very crucial moment.

CBS’ official description for episode 8 reads like this, “Vince’s judgment is compromised when a harrowing rescue of two siblings triggers emotional memories of the night his daughter died in a car accident on FIRE COUNTRY.”

Episode 8 will feature a couple of guest stars. They are: W Tre Davis as character (Freddy), Hilary Jardine as character (Driver), Michael Trucco as character (Luke Leone), Morgan Taylor Campbell as character (Yara), Bob Frazer as character (Samuel Sr.), Lauren K Robek as character (Harriet), Christian Carputo as character (Sam jr.), Danny Dworkis as character (Frank) and Mya Wollf as character (The Dealer).

The season regulars that will be featured in episode 8 are: Max Thieriot as character (Bode), Billy Burke as character (Vince), Kevin Alejandro as character (Manny), Diane Farr as character (Sharon), Stephanie Arcila as character (Gabriela), Jordan Calloway as character (Jake) and Jules Latimer as character (Eve).

Episode 8 was written by Tia Napolitano, and it was directed by Manny star Kevin Alejandro.

CBS’ press release confirmed that the next, new episode 8 of Fire Country’s current, premiere season 1 is indeed scheduled to show up next Friday night, December 9, 2022 at approximately 8 pm central standard time. It will also be available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+.

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest, “Fire Country” TV show, spoiler report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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