The Bachelor January 30, 2023 Eliminated Cat, Kimberly & Victoria (Recap)

The Bachelor January 30, 2023 Eliminated Cat, Kimberly & Victoria (Recap)

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans. Tonight, January 30, 2023, another new episode of The Bachelor 2023 edition with headliner Zach Shallcross did hit the air, and another couple of women did get eliminated at the end.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with host Jesse Palmer showing up to tell the women that Zach is giving every lady a date in some capacity in this episode. Shortly after that, we were given the first group date footage. During it, Zach took: Bailey, Brianna, Brooklyn, Cat Carter, Davia, Genevie, Katherine, Kylee, and Mercedes to see rap superstar Lotto. She had them compete in something she called, the Bad B%#tch Energy contest.

Also, previous Bachelor Nation baddies: Victoria Fuller, Courtney Robertson, and Tahzjuan Hawkins were brought on to help judge the contest. During the contest, the ladies had to walk the catwalk with attitude. Then, they had to tell Zach a time in their lives when they were really bold and bad. Afterwards, Zach told the private cams, “All the women blew me away. I’m very excited by what I saw.”

During the group date afterparty, Zach talked 1 on 1 with Katherine at one point. Their talk went well, and it ended with them kissing. Zach talked with Brianna, and she told him, “It’s been really hard. I feel like I don’t have a support system.” She basically expressed that she was feeling insecure about her place there and that she feels like she’s only still around because she was awarded the first impression rose by the crowd during the Bachelorette 2022 finale episode.

Zach told Brianna, “I do see something in you. I really appreciate you being here, and I would love to kiss you.” She said, “Of course,” and they kissed.

Later on, former Bachelor Nation baddie, Tahzjuan Hawkins came back and interrupted Cat and Zach’s conversation to pull him aside. She told the private cams, “I’m here to shake things up because Zach is the full package. I would love to join this journey with him if he’ll let me.” She told Zach,”I think you’re a great guy. You have a good head on your shoulders. That’s something I’m looking for in a future partner. I’d love to add myself to the mix. Where are you at with that?” Zach told her, “I have think about it.”

The other women came over and confronted Tahzjuan, asking her why in the heck is she still here. She straight up told them what she’s up to with Zach and that she’s trying to compete for him. She also insulted the other women by telling them it was painful to see them try to impress Zach earlier during the Bad B%#tch Energy contest.

Eventually, Zach came back to pull Tahzjuan to talk, and he came back without her, telling the other ladies that he could not bring her on. It’s not the right time. Zach told the private cams, “It’s not fair to the other women here to let Tahzjuan join.” After all of that drama, Zach ended up giving Katherine the group date rose.

Next, we got footage of Zach and Christina Mandrell’s 1 on 1 date. Zach took her on a helicopter ride. They kissed a lot while on the helicopter. Then, he took her to his childhood home to meet members of his family. Zach said he did this because he missed his mother’s birthday. So, he showed up at a barbecue outing they were throwing.

During the date, Christina appeared to be having a good time, but she kept telling the private cams that she needs to tell Zach her big secret of having a kid back at home, and the she hopes it’s not too much for him.

During the second half of their date, Christina and Zach talked over drinks, and she finally got the chance to blurt out to Zach that she does have a 5 year old daughter back at home named Blakely. Zach told Christina, “I can sense that motherly love you have. I want to thank you for sharing that and being honest. I am looking forward to having a family in the future. So, I don’t want you to worry. I’ll be honest. It is scary. So, it is something that I need to think about.”

Zach told the private cams, “I don’t know if I’m ready for a kid ,right now, but I do have feelings for Christina.” He eventually went back and told Christina, “I do want to give you this rose because I do want to get to know both you and Blakely better, and I think the world of you. I wanna see how this goes.” Christina told Zach,”I’m just really thankful that you’re thinking about it,” and they kissed.

Next, Zach had another group date with: Gabi, Anastasia, Greer, Aly, Kimberly, Kaity, Ariel, Victoria J., Charity and Jess. During it, Zach talked 1 on 1 with Ariel. She told him her biggest fear is not getting a kiss from him. So, they kissed to clear that up.

There was a brief moment of Zach and Greer kissing. Zach talked with Kaity, and they kissed. Zach talked with Charity, and they kissed. Zach talked with Jess. He told her about his serious childhood sickness that nearly killed him. She said, “I’m glad you felt comfortable sharing that with me,” and they kissed.

Zach talked with Aly, and they kissed. Zach talked with Gabi. She talked mostly about her family and so on and so forth. Afterwards, Gabi told the other ladies that she felt like she talked too much about herself during she and Zach’s conversation. Eventually, Zach gave Jess the group date rose. Gabi told the private cams, “I didn’t really get to express to Zach how much I wanted to be here.” She got really upset and started crying saying, she felt worthless compared to the other girls’ conversations with Zach.

During the cocktail party, Zach talked with Gabi again. She told him, “I appreciate you taking time to talk with every girl, and I really like being here with you.” Zach told Gabi, “I get giddy and have butterflies with you.” She said, “Me too,” and they kissed. After that conversation, Gabby told the private cams, “I’m very happy.” So, that was a complete 180 for her.

Zach talked with Brooklyn at one point. She showed him how to throw a lasso, and they also kissed. Zach talked with Christina, and they were seen laughing and kissing. Meanwhile, Brianna was seen still wallowing in insecurity. She even went as far as to take a moment where Christina joked with her about hating here and turning it into something more serious.

Brianna pulled Christina aside to confront her about it. Christina didn’t know what Brianna was even talking about, but she told Brianna, “If I did anything to hurt you, I sincerely apologize. That was not my intention.” Brianna said,”I’m choosing to believe you, but I need to see more action from you in the future to know if you’re really sincere.”

After that, Brianna was seen doing some more complaining to Zach about how she’s been made to feel uncomfortable by some of the other ladies. She was referring to Christina, but she didn’t say her name. She almost did though.

In response, Zach told Brianna, “I feel like you have walls up, which makes it hard to have anything more than strict and serious conversations with you.” Brianna said,”Oh, no. That’s not what I’m trying to do.” So, she obviously felt much worse going into the rose ceremony.

During the rose ceremony, Zach gave: Brooklyn, Genevie, Greer, Aly, Charity, Kaity, Gabi, Ariel, Anastasia, Kylee, Davia, Mercedes, Bailey, and Brianna a rose to join Katherine, Jess, and Christina who received roses earlier in this episode.

That means poor: Cat Carter, Kimberly Gutierrez and Victoria Jameson did not get a rose and were eliminated. So, they said their goodbyes to wrap up this episode, and that was it, guys. That was it, but prepare for a lot more Christina drama in next week’s episode.

Alright, guys. That is going to be a wrap for this latest, “The Bachelor” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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