The Bachelor February 6, 2023 Eliminated Bailey & Christina, And Brianna Quit (Recap)

The Bachelor February 6, 2023 Eliminated Bailey & Christina, And Brianna Quit (Recap)

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans. Tonight,February 6, 2023, another new episode of The Bachelor 2023 edition with headliner Zach Shallcross did indeed air, and we saw some more women get the boot at the end, and it quite dramatic. Let’s talk about it.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with Zach going on a 1 on 1 date with Kaity. During it, Zach took her to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. During the second half of their date, they talked over drinks. They talked about what they’re looking for in a partner. Kaity started off by telling Zach who she doesn’t want in a partner.

She said, “My past relationship was toxic, and I just want to feel safe. I want someone who won’t run away when things get hard.” Zach said, “I appreciate you.” Kaity said, “I just want the basics. I just want a good man to treat me right.” Zack said, “You deserve much more than the basics. I appreciate you taking a risk and being here.”

Kaity said, “I like where I think this is heading,” and they kissed. From there, Zach gave her a rose. Then, he asked her to stay with him in the museum for the night. She said yes, and they spent most of their time running around the museum. Then, they went to sleep in a tent.

The other girls noticed that Kaity didn’t come back from her date with Zach until the next morning. So, they had a bunch of questions for Kaity. She told them how she spent the night with Zach at the Museum and didn’t hardly get any sleep. So, some of them felt some type of way about that.

Next, Zach took: Ariel, Bailey, Brooklyn, Charity, Christina, Katherine, Kylee, Anastasia, Brianna, Davia, Gabi, Genevie, Greer, Jess, and Mercedes out on a group date. During it, former NFL football stars Shawne Merriman and Antonio Gates show up to tell them they’re playing a tackle football game in an event called The Bachelor Bowl. The winning team gets an afterparty date with Zach, and the losing team goes back to the mansion. ESPN’s Hannah Storm showed up to commentate the Bachelor Bowl game with host Jesse Palmer.

Anastasia got injured on the first play, but it allowed her to spend more time with Zach. So, she wasn’t feeling too bad about it. After the game was played and done, the blue team of: Ariel, Bailey, Brooklyn, Charity, Christina, Katherine, and Kylee emerged as the winners. So, they got the afterparty date with Zach.

During the afterparty, Zach talked 1 on 1 with Christina. Zach told her, “Just trust in what we have. Nothing is guaranteed. We’re just trying to figure this out together.” She agreed, and they kissed.

Zach talked with Charity. Zach told her, “I love your laugh.” She said, “This has been an easier week for me.” Zach said, “I’m a big fan of you,” and they kissed. Zach told the private cams, “I feel really comfortable with Charity. It feels great.” Zach talked with Kylee, and they kissed.

Zach talked with Bailey. She told him, “We’ve been kind of regressing.” Zach agreed with that, but then Ariel interrupted them. So, Zach told Bailey, “We’ll talk about this later.” Then, Zach and Ariel ended up kissing after they talked. Meanwhile, poor Bailey told the private cams, that she wasn’t feeling good about how things are going with her and Zach. She said something about how she doesn’t think Zach understands her and that it would have been nice if he would’ve at least given her some kind of reassurance during the time that they talked.

Later, Bailey went to have another conversation with Zach. She told him, “I really want to be here, but I would like to know if you want me here.” Then, Zach went ahead and told her, “I really don’t know if I want you here. I’m not really sure if there’s a future between us. You are incredible, but I have to go with connections I feel more comfortable with. I’m sorry.” Bailey said, “It’s ok. I understand,” and she left after hugging the other women goodbye. They were shocked to see her leave.

Zach came back and told the other ladies that he couldn’t lead Bailey on and let her go. Then, he gave Charity the group date rose. During this group date segment, we saw some issues go down with Christina and the other ladies. Apparently, Christina kept constantly talking about her 1 on 1 date with Zach and how she got to meet his family and so on and so forth. It got to be too much to the point that the other girls started complaining about it, and Brooklyn actually called her out on it.

Later, after Zach gave Charity the group date rose, the other women congratulated her, but Christina said, “I don’t understand. I’m mad it wasn’t me who got the rose,duh!” After that, Brooklyn confronted Christina again. Christina said she thought she was doing the right thing by being honest about her feelings, but the other women told her, “You just need to shut up and stop trying to always make everything about yourself.”

After all that drama, we got footage of Zach and Aly’s 1 on 1 date. He took her to go sky diving. They had a lot of fun doing it. Afterwards, they talked a bit and kissed. During the second half of their date, they talked some more over drinks and dinner. Zack told her, “You’re so much fun ,and you seem to have everything together.”

Aly went on to explain that she’s never put herself first in relationships, and she wants to work on putting herself first while still giving her partner the attention they deserve. Zach told her he understands that ,and he has done the same thing in the past. “You’re what I’m looking for,” he said ,and they kissed. Then, Zach gave Aly a rose saying, “I want our relationship to continue to grow.” She accepted it, and they kissed again. Then, they got a musical performance from singer/songwriter Griffen Palmer.

Next, host Jesse Palmer showed up to tell the women that Zach is throwing a pool party instead of a cocktail party. During this pool party, Zach talked with Ariel, and they kissed at one point. Zach talked with Jess. She told Zach, “You make me feel comfortable,” and they kissed.

Brianna was feeling quite sad and told the private cams that she’s not happy with the way things have been going with Zach. “I might be on my way out,” she said. Zack talked with Brianna. During this conversation, Brianna asked him, “Why don’t feel comfortable with me” because he had told her in the last episode that she seems very strict and serious.

In this moment, Zach told Brianna how it was just a vibe he was getting from her. Brianna swore up and down that she’s been doing everything she can to make Zach feel comfortable with her, and she’s just frustrated. Zach told her, “You can’t force things to happen,” or something along the lines. Whatever it was, it didn’t help because Brianna told him, “I’m planning to leave.”

However, before Brianna left, she tattled on Christina saying that she’s been making a lot of the girls feel really uncomfortable. She said, “Christina made Charity cry after you gave her the rose last time, and she made me cry several times.” After that big spill, Brianna said, “I just have to leave for my own reasons,” and she hugged Zach goodbye.

Zach was shocked by the things Brianna said about Christina. He immediately went back and told the other ladies about how Brianna just left. Then, he mentioned that he was told by Brianna that one of the women has been causing some issues. From there, he pulled Christina aside for a chat.

During it, she denied the claims Brianna made against her saying, “I guess I’ve been rubbing people the wrong way, but I think it’s because I’m outgoing, happy and loud. People mistakenly think I want to be the center of attention. They think I feel like I’m privileged in a way or have a better relationship with you than other people because I met your family. There were two girls that kind of confronted me, but I was happy to offer clarification, and I thought it was settled.”

Zach told her, “I can’t have problems like this. We have such limited time!” Christina cried and told Zach to please don’t believe this. Zach said, “I need to think about this.” Then, Zach talked with Charity and Brooklyn about what happened with Christina, and they , of course, were happy to rat her out and tell Zach everything Christina did during the group date. Then, Zach canceled the rest of the pool party to think about things. Christina was seen crying because she knew she was in trouble.

Finally at the rose ceremony, Zach gave: Jess, Gabi, Ariel, Genevie, Greer, Kat, Kylee, Davia, Anastasia, Brooklyn, and Mercedes a rose to join Charity, Aly and Kaity who received roses earlier in tonight’s episode.

That means Christina was left roseless to join Bailey and Brianna in exiting the show. She had to say goodbye to Zach. Zach walked her out, and she told him, “I understand. It was too much.” He said, “I’m so sorry.” Christina told the private cams, “I didn’t expect to like Zach this much. I was myself, and I hope he finds his person. Sadly, it was not me.” And that was tonight’s show, guys.

The next, new episode of The Bachelor 2023 edition is scheduled to air next Monday night, February 13, 2023 at approximately 7 pm central time on CBS.

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