The Bachelor March 14, 2023 Revealed New Bachelorette, Women Tell All & More (Recap)

The Bachelor March 14, 2023 Revealed New Bachelorette, Women Tell All & More (Recap)

Hey Bachelor Nation fans. Tonight, March 14, 2023, another new episode of The Bachelor 2023 edition hit the air. This one was the “Women Tell All” special. So, some interesting conversations did take place among all the returning women.

Tonight’s Women Tell All episode kicked off with host Jesse Palmer and Zach personally visiting a couple of sorority houses to surprise them while they were doing their Bachelor watching parties, and they were absolutely startled to see Zach and Jesse show up.

After the Bachelor watching party footage, Jesse revealed that: Olivia, Victoria, Cat, Katherine, Madison, Anastasia, Mercedes, Kylee, Greer, Christina, Jess, Brooklyn and Charity returned. Then, they watched some key footage from this season.

They addressed Christina Mandrell’s actions on the show. Brooklyn talked about how she confronted Christina and said, “I don’t hold back. I just let loose on her.” Olivia said she liked Christina’s honesty. Katherine and Olivia got into an argument because Katherine told Olivia she went home on the first night. Olivia clapped back with, “Zach sent you home after he got to know you. So, what does that say?” Christina said she appreciated the criticism because it helped her become better in the future.

They talked about how they thought Anastasia just went on the show to get more social media publicity. She was also accused by Cat of having a boyfriend back home while on the show. She denied it. Anastasia apologized to Kylee for making her feel uncomfortable on the show, and Kylee accepted her apology.

Katherine and Brooklyn’s beef came up. Katherine and Charity agreed that they came to an understanding, but Brooklyn kept going at Katherine again with insults. Katherine told Brooklyn she was flat out wrong for constantly attacking her on the show.

After all of that drama, host Jesse talked with Jess. They viewed her journey on the show. She said, “I felt so misunderstood when I got sent home. I learned more about myself during the season. I just wanted Zach to understand I wanted more time with him. I think he did the best he could in that moment, but I just felt led on.”

Jesse talked with Greer next. They viewed footage of her journey this season. She said, “It was really hard to watch that back. I understood exactly where Zach was coming from because we lost so much time. I just realized that we’re not each other’s person, and I wish him the best. They also talked about a rumor that she supported a friend of hers that did some racist blackface stuff. She said she apologized for it, and she was wrong for defending it. “All I can do now is just try and be better in the future” she said.

Jesse talked with Katherine. They watch her journey on this season. She said, “Thinking back on those feelings is really hard. I didn’t feel fought for in that moment. I did everything to fight for him.”

Jesse talked with Charity. They took a look at her journey on this season. She teared up and said, “Zach made me feel so safe and so comforted. That’s what I needed in a relationship. I felt blindsided a little bit at the end. I told my family that I was heartbroken, but they know that I can learn a lesson from this experience and move on to find my right person.

After that segment, they watched funny outtakes from this season. Then, the Bachelor headliner himself Zach Shallcross showed up to talk about this season. Katherine asked Zach about the shift in their relationship. She wanted to know when it happened. Zach said, “There wasn’t anyone thing that made me look at you differently. I just had to make a tough decision during that week before hometowns.”

Zach told Charity, “I think the world of you, and it was a really hard decision to let you go.” Jess told Zach, “I really do care about you. I hope you are doing well. I was surprised to see how sad you were after you sent me home. Why couldn’t i see that from you when I was there?” Zach just said that was the last thing I expected to happen with you that night.

At this point, they watched bloopers from this season. Finally, they capped off tonight’s episode with a huge surprise for Charity. Jesse went and told her they want her to be the new headliner for the upcoming 2023 edition of The Bachelorette! So, Charity Lawson is going to be the new Bachelorette for the 2023 season. How do you guys feel about that? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That’s going to wrap it up for this latest, “The Bachelor” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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