20/20 June 30, 2023 Episode Not New. It’s A Repeat. Preview Revealed

20/20 June 30, 2023 Episode Not New. It’s A Repeat. Preview Revealed

Hey, “20/20” fans. Unfortunately, we’re back on here to tell you that the folks over at ABC are not airing a new episode of 20/20 tonight, June 30, 2023. Yeah, we have no idea why. We just know that they aren’t, and they’re going to throw up a repeat episode of 20/20 instead. This still might be a good thing for some of you guys that might not have seen this particular repeat episode because it’ll be like watching a new episode.

We do have a preview of tonight’s June 30, 2023 repeat episode via ABC’s official press release for it. So, we’re going to certainly refer to it for this preview session. Let’s go.

First thing’s first. The official title for tonight’s June 30, 2023 repeat episode of 20/20 is called, “Do No Harm.” It originally aired way, way back on October 22, 2021.

In tonight’s June 30, 2023 repeat episode, the 20/20 team took a deep look at a story about a man named Robert Bierenbaum. He was a surgeon, a skilled skier, a gourmet chef, fluent in multiple languages and an expert pilot. However, he also had a very dark side to him.

According to his wife Gail Katz-Bierenbaum,he was violent and controlling. She told her friends that she was afraid of him. One day, Gail disappeared all of a sudden, and the detectives suspected Robert had something to do with it. However, they couldn’t get sufficient evidence on him until 14, long years later. By that time, Robert had crafted a whole new life, but some doctored flight log files from the day Gail disappeared allowed the investigators to finally expose his lies.

ABC News correspondent John Quinones handled the reporting duties for this episode. It featured interviews with women romantically involved with Robert after he left New York City, including Stephanie Youngblood, who denied his proposal and reveals surprising new details about their relationship; and Karen Caruana, who opens up about dating Bierenbaum just weeks after his wife went missing; as well as an exclusive interview with Barb Cooper, the nanny for Bierenbaum’s child with his second wife.

This episode also featured rare home videos of Gail Katz-Bierenbaum; never-before-seen photos of Bierenbaum; a new interview with Alayne Katz, Katz-Bierenbaum’s sister who had been on an unrelenting quest for justice since her disappearance; and Denise Kastenbaum, Katz-Bierenbaum’s closest childhood friend who discusses Bierenbaum’s suspicious behavior after Katz-Bierenbaum vanished.

Other interviews included Daniel Bibb and Steve Saracco, the original prosecutors; Virgilio Dalsass, the missing persons police officer who was the first on the case; and Judge Leslie Crocker Synder, who sentenced Robert Bierenbaum to 20 years to life in prison.

ABC’s official description for tonight’s June 30,2023 repeat episode of 20/20 reads like this, “’20/20′ REPORTS ON THE ‘JEKYLL AND HYDE’ STORY OF AN UPPER EAST SIDE SURGEON AND HOW HE WAS LINKED TO HIS WIFE’S MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE. The Two-Hour Program Features Interviews With Women Former Surgeon Robert Bierenbaum Dated After Wife’s Disappearance and Interviews With Wife’s Close Family and Friends.”

ABC’s press release confirmed that 20/20 will be a repeat episode tonight, June 30, 2023, and it’s scheduled to hit your TV sets, starting at approximately 8 pm central standard time.

Alright, guys. That’s going to be a wrap for this latest, “20/20” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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