MasterChef September 13, 2023 Eliminated Wayne, Sav & Reagan (Recap)

MasterChef September 13, 2023 Eliminated Wayne, Sav & Reagan (Recap)

Hey, “MasterChef” fans. Tonight, September 13, 2023, another 2, new episodes of MasterChef’s current season 13 did indeed hit the air with judges: Joe Bastianich, Gordon Ramsay, and Aarón Sánchez, and we saw another three unlucky contestants get sent packing after they were both wrapped up. We also found out which three contestants will be in next week’s finale episode.

Tonight’s new episode 17 kicked off with the final 6 contestants showing up at one of the largest Hell’s Kitchen restaurants, which was located in Harrah’s Casino in Funner, California. They were hit with a restaurant takeover challenge where they had to feed every guest in the restaurant. For this challenge, they were split up into two teams of three.

Last week’s challenge winners Grant and Wayne were made captains of each team. Grant was captain of the Red team featuring Jennifer and Sav. Wayne was captain of the Blue team featuring Reagan and Kennedy. They were tasked with making two appetizers and two entrees from Gordon’s nightly menu.

Those dishes were: Pan Seared Scallops with Celery Root Puree and Braised Celery Root & Bacon Fricassee, a Lobster Risotto with Butter Poached Lobster, Truffle Risotto and. Crispy Onions, a Filet Mignon with Parsnip Puree, Roasted Tomatoes and Bearnaise Sauce and a Crispy Skin Salmon with White Beans & Chorizo, Seabean Salad and Citrus Beurre Blanc.

Gordon demonstrated to them how to make those dishes before they got started with the service. Gordon told them, “One person from the losing team is getting eliminated. So, make sure it’s not you.”

As soon as the service started, Jennifer ran into issues by burning the risotto. She told Gordon that the pan was flaming hot, and she couldn’t catch it in time. So, she had to start it over. She also told the private cams that she was getting flustered trying to meet Gordon’s standards.

At one point, Sav told the private cams, “This is super chaotic for me” while she was cooking the scallops. After some complaints from Gordon, she seemed to start doing better with the scallops. Eventually, Gordon had to tell Aaron to jump in and help the red team because they were moving too slow.

During the appetizer round, Grant and Jennifer got some complaints from Gordon about raw lobster. They also got constant complaints about moving too slow. Grant took the blame, saying he didn’t put a system in place. Gordon told Grant to step it up real quick or he’s removing him from captain. Gordon told Sav, “You need to focus.”

During the entrees, Jennifer got a complaint for raw salmon. Reagan on the Blue team got a complaint about undercooked steak. Sav on the Red team got a complaint about serving raw steak. So, she got some more heat from Gordon. In the end, the Blue team finished up service well ahead of Grant and his red team. The Blue team seemed to have done a better job too, and Grant knew it. He cried and told Sav and Jennifer “I’m really sorry.” They said ,”It’s ok. It’s not your fault.”

The judges did reveal that the Blue team did win the challenge. So, all of them went straight through to the semifinals. The Red team lost. So, one of them had to go. Ultimately, the judges decided that Sav was the weakest link for them, so she was eliminated. Gordon told Sav, “Unfortunately, you collapsed under the weight of this challenge. More importantly, you lost confidence.

Sav told the private cams, “This was next level, and I think my inexperience got the better of me. I came her to give it my all, and I did that. Being here totally changed what I saw for my future. It’s reinvigorated my desire to pursue my dreams.”

In the second episode 18, the final 5 contestants were told that they would be facing two challenges. The loser of the first challenge got eliminated immediately. In the first challenge, the contestants had to make a stuffed pasta dish, and they were given 45 minutes to do it. It was pointed out that this dish had to be Michelin star quality.

During this challenge, Reagan told the private cams, “This is definitely our hardest challenge. I just hope this dish comes out looking the way I want it to look.”

Wayne appeared to run into some trouble with less than 10 minutes to go. He said that one of his oils isn’t coming together. When the time was up, Wayne said he was confident in his ravioli, but he doesn’t know about the sauce. “I just hope someone had bigger problems than my dish because I know it’s definitely not going to be the best one,” he said.

Grants presented a Squid Ink Caramelle with Crab & Clam, and White Wine & Seafood Sauce dish. Joe said, “It’s really good and balanced. Aaron said,”This dish works.” Gordon said, “It’s exceptional.”

Kennedy presented a Tortellini with Crab & Scallop, Uni Cream Sauce and Caviar dish. Gordon said, “It’s beautifully put together.” Aaron said, “The sauce is too intense.” Joe said, “I don’t like the sauce.”

Wayne presented a Saffron Ravioli with Lobster, and Butter Tomato Cream Sauce dish. Gordon said, “It looks unfinished. The pasta is beautiful though. It needs more seasoning.” Aaron said, “There’s not enough sauce.” Joe said, “The ravioli is good, but it seems like half a dish.”

Jennifer presented a Red Beet Tortellini with Veal Osso Buco & Ricotta, Veal Demi & Red Wine Reduction dish. Gordon said, “It’s so beautiful.” Joe said, “It’s delicious. It’s perfect.” Aaron said, “It’s technically sound.” Gordon said, “Great job.”

Reagan presented a Spinach Ravioli with Swiss Chard & Ricotta and Tomato Sauce. Joe said, “It’s full flavored and delicious.” Gordon said, “Great job.” Aaron said, “It has a profoundness that is very unique and also very delicious.”

After all of that, the judges decided that Wayne and Kennedy had the bottom two dishes, but Wayne had the worst dish. So, Wayne got eliminated. Gordon told Wayne, “Your over ambition got the better of you tonight.” Wayne told the private cams, “I really believed I was going to make the finale, but my food just wasn’t good enough today.”

In second challenge of this episode, the contestants had to cook at the exact same time as Gordon. The dish he made for this challenge was a Coffee-Crusted Smoked Venison with Truffle Gnocchi, Cauliflower Puree and Red Wine Chocolate Sauce dish. The contestants only had 30 seconds to plate their dish after he was done making it.

During this challenge, Jennifer told the private cams, “Gordon’s pace is too fast. I’m just trying to do my best.” Jennifer ran into some issues with her puree turning out grainy. Kennedy ran into issues with burning her Gnocchi. She said, “I don’t have time to fix it. I just have to get a new pan and savage what’s left.”

When the time was up, Reagan told the private cams, “I have several things that are missing.” So,that definitely didn’t sound good for her.

Kennedy was up first to present her version of the dish. Gordon said, “Visually, its well done. The venison is beautiful. The puree is delicious.” Aaron said, “I appreciate this.” Joe said, “I’m really kind of blown away.”

Grant presented his dish. Gordon said, “Visually, it’s beautiful.” Joe said, “These could’ve almost come out of the same restaurant.” Aaron said, “This is beyond excellent.” Gordon said, “Everything is spot on. Good job.”

Reagan presented her dish. Gordon said, “Visually , it has a couple of issues. There’s no sauce.” Joe said,”Unfortunately, it taste like what it looks like.” Gordon said,”It’s such a shame.” Aaron said,”It’s overdone, and the Gnocchi is bitter.”

Jennifer presented her dish. Gordon said,”The sauce looks broke. What a shame. The Venison needs another 2 minutes. You fell behind.” Aaron said, “There’s a lot of elements that needed to be brought together.” Joe said, “There were a lot of problems.”

After all of that, the judges said Grant had the best dish. Then, they revealed that Kennedy and Jennifer would also advance to the finals with Grant, leaving poor Reagan eliminated. Gordon told Reagan, “We are going to miss your passion for food.” Reagan told the private cams, “I’ve grown so much. I’m not the same person. I feel validated and confident in my skills. I hope I made New Orleans proud.”

So, just to recap, Reagan, Wayne and Sav were eliminated in tonight’s 2, new episodes. Jennifer, Grant and Kennedy will be the finalists in next week’s finale episodes part 1 and 2.

Alright, guys. That’s a wrap for this latest, “MasterChef” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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