Survivor December 20, 2023 Season Winner Revealed In Finale Episode (Recap)

Survivor December 20, 2023 Season Winner Revealed In Finale Episode (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, December 20, 2023, the finale episode of Survivor’s current season 45 did indeed hit the air, and we finally found out who won this thing. Tonight’s new episode kicked off with conversation footage of what went down at the last tribal council meeting that sent Drew to the jury in a blindside.

Austin told the private cams, “I got blindsided. My best buddy Drew got sent home.” Dee told Austin,”I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about the Drew blindside.” Austin said, “I understand. If you would’ve told me, I probably would’ve gave Drew my amulet idol.” Dee told the private cams, “Austin took it so well, it made me feel for him even more.” Katurah told the private cams, “I’m annoyed with Austin and Dee’s relationship, and I can’t understand why we let this pair get so far in the game.”

Next, everyone got an advantage challenge for the next immunity competition, and Jake won it. In the new immunity challenge, they had to make it through an obstacle course, dig up a machete and use it to cut a rope and unleash sandbags. Then, land a sandbag in three baskets (Jake’s advantage gave him sandbags in two of the baskets. So, he just needed to land one). Next, they had to solve a combination lock to release keys. Then, climb a wall and put together a 3-tier Survivor puzzle for the win. Austin won it for a guaranteed spot in the final 4.

Austin also won a reward, which was a trip to the sanctuary and a steak meal and wine. He was able to take one extra person with him, and he chose to take Jake with him. Katurah told Julie, “I wanna take out Dee.” Julie said, “I would love to, but I want Jake out.”

Julie told the private cams, “Dee has had my back for a long time, and Jake has been after me.” Katurah pitched getting Jake out to Dee, and she agreed. Dee told the private cams, “Jake is an attorney. He persuades people for a living. We need to get him out.”

At Jake and Austin’s feast, Jake told Austin he has an immunity idol, and he wants to get Julie out. Despite promising Jake he wouldn’t tell anyone about his idol, Austin immediately ran back and told Dee that Jake has an idol and wants to get Julie out. Austin went on to say, “I want Katurah out.”

Jake told Katurah he has an idol, and he’s going to use it at the tribal council meeting. Katurah told Jake she wants Dee out because she’s been a strong competitor. Jake told the private cams, “Katurah does make a good argument for getting Dee out.” Dee told Austin, “I’m voting out Katurah, and you do what’s best for you.” Jake told Katurah he’s onboard to vote off Dee. So, she was ecstatic about that.

At the tribal council meeting, they just did some general game talk before casting their votes. Before the votes were read, Jake surprisingly played his idol on Katurah. So, any votes against Katurah did not count. Katurah got 1 that didn’t count. Jake got 1 vote, Dee got 1 vote, and Julie received 2 votes. So, with the 2 votes, Julie was voted off and sent to the jury.

Julie told the private cams, “They didn’t want to take me to final 3. So, I’m going to take that as a compliment. I hope I made my kids proud.”

Katurah told Jake she didn’t trust him enough to go through with the plan to vote off Dee at the tribal council meeting. Jake said, “Why did you make me swear on it?” Katurah said she switched her vote to Julie for safety reasons because she wasn’t sure the Dee plan would work out. She told the private cams, “I’m kicking myself because I could’ve gotten Dee out if I would’ve just stuck to the plan.”

Next, host Jeff Probst showed up with the last immunity challenge of this season. During it, they had to stack 17 bowls on an apparatus without them falling. If they dropped, they had to start all over. Dee won it for a guaranteed spot in the final three. She also got to decide who to take to the final 3.

Jake told Dee that he wanted to be sent to the fire-making challenge because all his attempted moves have failed, and he needs something for his resume. Dee told Katurah, “I’m afraid to take you to the final 3 because I think a lot of people on the jury feel you. You should prepare to make fire.” Katurah said, “I expected it.”

Austin wanted to make sure Katurah lost the fire-making challenge. So, he went to help Jake practice making fire. Austin told the private cams, “Jake is not good at making fire.” So, Austin told Dee, “You should put me in the fire-making challenge against Katurah.” Dee didn’t want to do that because that would be another accomplishment for Austin’s resume.

At the tribal council meeting, Dee chose to take Austin to the final three. So, Katurah and Jake had to make fire to get into the final 3. The first one to make fire high enough to burn their rope, won. Jake won very easily. So, Jake, Austin and Dee made it to the final 3. At the final tribal council meeting, Austin, Dee and Jake made their pitches to the jury as to why they should win this season.

Jake pitched to the jury, “I took part in every aspect of this game. My biggest fear was failing, but I got back up and tackled my biggest fear. I focused on the relationships so much that people didn’t want to vote me out. I tried to take big swings at every opportunity I had.”

Dee pitched, “I took things day by day and had fun. I was fearful of blindsiding or betraying Austin. I had a strong social game with a core alliance. So, I wasn’t worried when I was a target. It was my idea to get Kendra out. I focused on building my relationships, and my strategies formed from that. I didn’t let Austin know about the Drew blindside because he would’ve tried to save him and that wasn’t good for my game. My social game was so good that people trusted me when I gave them my word.”

Austin pitched, “I tried to do everything I could and just have a great time. My biggest fear was getting blindsided. I gave 100 percent in the challenges. I had to make a lot of strategic moves. My biggest move was the Kellie blindside vote.”

After all of that, the jury cast their votes for the winner of this season. Jake received 0 votes. Austin got 3 votes, and Dee received 4 votes. So, with the 4 votes, Dee just edged out Austin for the win. So, Dee Valladares is the season 45 winner. How do you guys feel about that? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest, “Survivor” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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