Survivor February 28, 2024 Voted Off David Jelinsky (Recap)

Survivor February 28, 2024 Voted Off David Jelinsky (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, February 28, 2024, the brand new, premiere episode 1 of Survivors’ new season 46 did indeed hit the air, and we saw the first person get voted off by the end of it. Tonight’s new, premiere episode kicked off with the usual introductions of some of the new contestants.

The new tribe names are: Siga, Yanu and Nami. They got hit with their first challenge. During it, they had to race through an obstacle course to retrieve puzzle pieces. Then, complete the puzzle and retrieve their flint for the win. The reward for this challenge was a pot, machete and flint camp supplies. Nami won it. Siga came in second place, and Yanu was last.

Since Siga came in second, they got to choose to do either the Savvy or Sweat challenge to get a second chance at winning supplies for their tribe. They chose the Savvy comp. So, Yanu got stuck with the Sweat challenge.

In the Sweat challenge, two members from the Yanu tribe had to run back and forth with a bucket of water to fill up a huge container. They had several hours to do it. David Jelinsky and Q were tasked with it. A couple of hours into it, Jelinsky decided to quite and broke the hour glass timer. Q told the private cams he didn’t like that Jelinsky decided to quite when things got tough.

At the Siga camp, they had to do the Savvy challenge. During it, they had to crack a code in a word puzzle before an hour glass ran out of sand. Charlie and Ben were tasked with it, and they failed as well. So, both the Siga and Yanu tribes had to go without basic camping supplies until after the first immunity challenge.

At the Siga camp, Maria and Tim bonded over being parents. Moriah, Maria and Jem bonded. At the Yanu camp, Jelinsky, Kenzie, Tiff and Q decided to work together. Kenzie told the private cams, “No one can get a read on Jess. She doesn’t seem to want to talk to anyone.”

At the Nami camp, Hunter told the private cams, “I really liked talking with Tevin. He’s a cool guy.” Tevin told the private cams, “Me and Hunter bonded. I really want to work with Hunter.”

At the Siga camp, Moriah and Jem talked about pulling Charlie into their alliance, and he agreed to it. However, he said he needed to be careful because he’s also in another alliance with Tim and Maria.

At the Nami camp, Venus already went searching for an idol. Randen saw her looking for the idol and told the private cams, “Venus is dangerous and a threat.” So, he told Soda, saying Venus is a Parvati-like player and can’t be trusted. Soda told the private cams that she doesn’t trust Randen because she thinks he’ll talk the same crap about her to other people. So, Soda told Venus what Randen said about her. Then, Venus told the private cams, “Randen just put a target on his back. You put my name in your mouth, you’re going home.”

Next, one person from each tribe took the boat ride to go do a special challenge: David, Tevin and Maria went on this trip. They played a game. During this game, Maria got the torch card. So, she had to guess who had the vote card. Jelinsky got the skull card. So, his job was to lie to Maria about having the vote card, but he cracked and actually told her he had the skull card out of fear that she would talk bad about him to other contestants. So, he lost his vote at the next tribal council meeting. Meanwhile, Tevin and Maria gained an extra vote.

At the Yanu camp, Jelinsky told his tribe what he did and how he lost his tribal council vote during the boat trip. Bhanu told the private cams that Jelinsky gives up too quickly as well. At one point, Bhanu tried to find an idol. In fact, most of the people in that tribe were looking for an idol.

Tiff found a beware advantage. It told her she needed to find a key to get the idol. Until she actually got the idol, she had no vote at the next tribal council meeting as part of the beware consequence. Tiff told Kenzie and Q about it. Q promised not to tell Jelinsky anything.

Next, host Jeff Probst showed up with the first immunity challenge of this season. During it, they had to race to untie a giant and heavy gecko and pull it through an obstacle course full of high platforms that required them to lift and get it over them. Then, they had to race to solve a Survivor puzzle for the win. Nami finished in first place. Siga finished in second place, and Yanu lost, so they had to figure out who to vote off at the tribal council meeting. Both Nami and Siga won immunity for finishing in first and second place.

Bhanu told the private cams, “I think Jelinsky and Jess are possible targets.” Jelinsky told the private cams, “Jess needs to be the first one to go.” Tiff said Jess is the target. Jess also got more instructions to find the key for her hidden immunity idol. She figured it out and found the key. Then, retrieved her idol to reclaim her vote at the next tribal council meeting.

Q told the private cams that he wanted to get Jelinsky out instead of Jess because he gives up too easy. He campaigned to Jess, Kenzie, Tiff and Bhanu to get Jelinsky out, but they weren’t all in agreement because they thought Jess was the weakest. However, they did all agree that Jelinsky is a quitter.

At the Yanu tribal council meeting, they did some general game talk. The direction of the conversation was pretty clear that Jelinsky was the odd man out. After everyone casts their votes, Jelinsky ended up with 3 votes to Jess’ 0 votes. So with the 3 votes, Jelinsky was indeed voted off the island. He didn’t say anything during this exit. He just walked off with his head down.

Jelinsky told the private cams, “This was a huge blindside. I was 100 percent sure Jess was going home tonight. I was the first one voted out, but sometimes that’s just how the cards fall.”

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest, “Survivor” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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