Survivor April 3, 2024 Voted Off Moriah Gaynor (Recap)

Survivor April 3, 2024 Voted Off Moriah Gaynor (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, April 3, 2024, another new episode of Survivor’s current season 46 hit the air, and we saw another unlucky contestant get voted off at the end. Tonight’s new episode kicked off with the Siga tribe talking about their last tribal council meeting, which sent Jem packing.

Moriah told the private cams, “I was on the wrong side of the vote. I felt like a fool, but at least I’m still alive in this game. I’m feeling conflicted. They lied to me.”

At the Yanu camp, they got a note saying the merge is about to happen. The other tribes got the same note. So, everyone was really excited. Hunter went searching for his immunity idol via the clue he got from his beware advantage, and he found it by unlocking the box it was hidden in.

Next, all the tribes met up with each other. Venus told Q that she wants to work with him and Tiffany. However, Tevin warned them not to work with Venus. Q told the private cams he’s just looking out for Hunter and Tim and their side alliances Tiffany, Maria and Ben.

Q said he was worried about Tim’s work with Maria since she acted like she didn’t consider Tim to be her main person when Q asked her about it.

Venus approached Moriah and Tim with strategy talk, but Moriah told the private cams, “I don’t really want to work with Venus.” Tim told Hunter, “I’m not interested in working with Venus.” Word started to spread that Venus is playing hard.

Tim pitched the group of six to Maria, and she told him she likes it. Q told the private cams he’s scared of Mariah because she’s dangerous. Moriah told Q that her favorite player was Aubry Bracco, and Q said Aubrey was setting up people left and right during her season. “Moriah is not going to set me up,” he said.

After all of that, host Jeff Probst showed up with the merge immunity challenge. They were split up into two teams of six and drew rocks to see which team they would be on. The purple team consisted of: Kenzie, Ben, Dan, Tim, Tevin, Hunter and Q. The Orange team consisted of: Charlie, Moriah, Soda, Maria, Venus and Liz.

Tiffany was the odd person out who drew the grey rock. So, she had to pick which team she thought would win this challenge. If that team won, she won along with them. She chose the purple team. During this challenge, the teams had to make it through a mud obstacle. Push a cart with sand bags. Climb to top of a platform. Climb to the top of another platform. Then, solve a 3-section puzzle for the win.

The Purple team won along with Tiffany who picked them. They made it to the merge and got to vote at the next tribal council meeting, but no one could vote for them. The Orange team: Charlie Moriah, Soda, Maria, Venus and Liz were the only ones who could get voted off at this merge tribal council meeting. The Purple team automatically made it to the merge with this win, and they also won a merge meal.

Kenzie, Ben, Dan, Tim Tevin, Hunter and Q all talked game at the merge meal. Tevin told them he doesn’t trust Venus. Moriah’s name came up as a target too. Tiffany told the private cams that she wants to get Moriah out.

Tim and Charlie were seen making plans to get Moriah out. Hunter told the private cams, “I wanna get rid of Moriah because Siga is so strong.” Q told the private cams that he wants to vote out Moriah. Venus told the private cams she wants Charlie gone. Venus was seen campaigning to Soda and Kenzie to get rid of Charlie. Kenzie told Q and Tevin that Venus was mad about them wanting to vote Moriah out. So, Q said, let’s get out Venus. Tevin totally agreed saying, he’s never trusted Venus.

At the tribal council meeting, Moriah tried to pitch that she was on the bottom of her tribe at the last tribal council meeting. Q told her she should’ve mentioned that sooner.

Moriah played her shot in the dark before Jeff read the votes. It was a not-safe card. So, all votes against Moriah still counted. Venus ended up getting 1 vote, and Moriah got 6 votes. With the 6 votes, Moriah was voted off. She didn’t say anything on the way out, and everyone left officially merged. Moriah told the private cams, “I just got voted out of Survivor. This is where my journey stops.”

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest, “Survivor” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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