NBC Heroes “I am become Death” Recap

NBC Heroes “I am become Death” Recap

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In this 4th episode of season 3 Heroes:”I am become death” starts of with Mohinder Suresh experiencing some very gross side effects from his heroes formula. Next we see Tracy trying to find some answers as to how to get rid of her ice powers (which are very “cool” by they way and I mean that in both sense of the word.) from some old guy that created her,but it turns out that he is unable to help.

Now we see Mr. Matt Parkman trying to get a glimpse into his future be eating what looks to be playdough but much to my amazement it’s not working. It’s not until he puts on the mystical earphones that his eyes turn white and he starts to see his future. Now we go to New York four years into the future where future Peter takes past Peter to. They have a few rambling words back and forth while future Peter tries to explain to past Peter what the hell happened over the past four years.Unfortunately though for future Peter his path is ended by a gunshot bullet from evil Claire of the future. She is one mean bitch I gotta tell ya.Ruthless just ruthless.

Also Hiro and Ando get caught to close to that big black dude who keeps heroes from being able to use ther powers and well that puts them in some sticky situations. Now we go back four years into the future where past Peter meets future Suresh all jacked up from his heroes formula. Suresh proceeds to give him some advice about how dangerous Sylar’s powers are and then past Peter makes his way over to see future Sylar who guess what is a dad now and he greets past Peter with a huge hug. Awwww. Anyways past Peter evetually is able to convince future Sylar to give Peter his addictive powers which could eventually cause him to wanna kill people like Sylar does.

Evil Claire and the gang eventually locate Peter at Sylar’s place and this event results in Sylar’s son getting killed. Sylar gets incredibly angry and becomes literally a nucleur bomb blowing up the entire city or area they’re at killing Matt Parkman’s future wife who turns out to be that new speed freak chick Daphne or whatever. Meanwhile we see how past Suresh cannot reverse the process of his mad scientist heroes formula. Now we jump back to four years into the future where past Peter is captured by evil future Claire. Future Nathan stops evil Claire from killing him. Then sure enough past Peter can’t control the evil influences of Sylars powers which he’s just aquired and can’t stop the urge to kill future Nathan by stealing his powers . Well,as you can see this is a very complex show as the writers have managed to form two story lines. One in the future and one in the past which could be considered the present and so on and so forth.

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