Top Critics Gave ‘Clash Of The Titans’ Movie Ok Reviews

Top Critics Gave ‘Clash Of The Titans’ Movie Ok Reviews

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Top critics gave ‘Clash Of The Titans’ movie “Ok” reviews. Warner Bros. Pictures released its new action/fantasy flick “Clash Of The Titans” into theaters today,and the top movie critics pretty much just thought it was ok,while some thought it was less than ok. For the most part, it fell in the range of just ok, when averaged out. The movie stars: Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Danny Huston, Gemma Arterton, Mads Mikkelsen, Jason Flemyng, Alexa Davalos, Izabella Miko, Nicholas Hoult, and Pete Postlethwaite.

Roger Ebert from the Chicago Sun-Times gave it a B. He stated, “The outcome is told in Clash of the Titans with impressive technical mastery and somewhat lesser dramatic command.” Matt Pais over at the Chicago Tribune gave it a poor C- rating. He said, it was “Big and loud and stupid.”

Owen Gleiberman at “Entertainment Weekly” gave it a B-. He said, it was “a trash-compacted mash-up of other, better movies.” Bill Gibron at gave it a B. He said, it “feels like a throwback to the days when high concepts and splashy special effects ruled the day.”

Kirk Honeycutt fom the Hollywood Reporter gave it a B rating. He stated, it was “A fun digital ride through Greek mythology as humans clash with gods and monsters.” James Berardinelli at Reelviews gave it a B-. He said, it was “a flawed but mildly entertaining regurgitation of Greek mythological elements, but it’s also an example of how poorly executed 3D can hamstring a would-be spectacle.”

Peter Travers from Rolling Stone gave it a very poor D rating. He stated, “The film is a sham, with good actors going for the paycheck and using beards and heavy makeup to hide their shame.

USA Today’s Claudia Puig gave it a bad C-,stating, “This wannabe epic is overwrought and frenetic but not even sporadically exciting. Its most astounding achievement is the ability to be both chaotic and dull.” “Clash of the Titans” movie is in theaters now. You can read more movie reviews at Yahoo! movies by Clicking Here.

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