New Maze Runner Movie Delivered Great Action,Drama,Suspense & More

New Maze Runner Movie Delivered Great Action,Drama,Suspense & More

20th Century FOX released their new action/adventure/thriller film, “The Maze Runner,” into theaters this weekend. I just checked it out, and thought it was highly entertaining and suspenseful as hell. I really dug the plotline too as it was very intriguing. The movie stars: Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Aml Ameen, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Will Poulter.

In the new flick, character Thomas, shows up in a rusty elevator called The Box, and is greeted by other boys in a grassy clearing called the Glade, which is surrounded by tall, gray walls that enclose off the entrance to the maze. Thomas is unable to remember anything about himself, but Alby, the leader of the Glade, tells him that it’s happened to everyone and that his name will come to him soon. Thomas is very curious about the maze, but is warned not to enter as no one has ever survived the maze throughout the night.

However, they do have runners that run the maze during the day, searching for a way out. Eventually, Thomas interjects himself into the Maze when runners, Minho and Alby, are late getting out of the maze due to Alby getting injured. Thomas helps Minho and Alby survive the maze throughout the night for the very first time by killing off a huge,vicious creature called the Griever.

The dead Griever gives them a clue in the form of a beeping mechanical part, discovering that it is numbered to correspond to a certain section in the maze, which eventually proves to lead them to the exit of the maze. However, they run out of time after the exit door scans them, so they have to hurry back to the glade before they get trapped in the maze again.

From this point, the maze doors cease to stop closing at night time, allowing the Grievers to enter the glade and deliver a full-on attack on the boys. After surviving the terror of that, Thomas, Minho and anyone else brave enough, decide to finally make a run for those exit doors in the maze to escape once and for all.

This set up a conclusion that’s filled with a ton of suspense, action and non-stop drama. The boys fight off countless Grievers in order to reach the exit door and input a special code to unlock it. Unfortunately, not everyone survives the vicious Griever attack. But the ones who do, discover that they were apart of some weird,awful experiment, and that they had only completed the 1st stage which had lasted 3 years and where on to stage 2, leaving it open for a sequel.

Again, I really enjoyed watching the full 2 hour runtime of this flick. It offered intrigue, suspense, thrills, action, the whole nine yards, and then some. I thought Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien did an excellent job, playing the lead role of Thomas. He’s really come up.

I also liked Ki Hong Lee, who played Minho. He and Dylan made for a good partnership in the flick. I definitely hope they push a sequel through, because I’m interested as hell to see what stage 2 has to offer. I gave the movie an excellent A+ grade. Stay tuned. Also, get your favorite Movie stuff, and more by Clicking Here.

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