New ‘Parker’ Movie Delivered Great Action,Drama,Storyline & More

New ‘Parker’ Movie Delivered Great Action,Drama,Storyline & More

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New ‘Parker’ movie delivered great action,drama,storyline & more. FilmDistrict released their new action flick “Parker” into theaters this weekend. I just watched it,and thought it was absolutely excellent. Jason Statham just knows how to make great,hardcore action movies. This one served up a ton of great action and drama,and the plotline was quite solid. I was totally into it the whole time. It stars: Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Chiklis, Wendell Pierce, and Nick Nolte.

In the new flick, character Parker (Jason Statham) is a professional thief who lives by a personal code of ethics: Don’t steal from people who can’t afford it and don’t hurt people who don’t deserve it. However, on his latest heist, his crew double crosses him when he wouldn’t agree to do another heist with them, stole his stash, and left him for dead after shooting him. Unfortunately for them, Parker ended up getting rescued and lived.

Once Parker recovered from his injuries,he tracked down the crew in PalmBeach as they where there to try and pull off their biggest heist ever,worth millions and millions of dollars in diamonds and jewelry. Parker disguises himself as a rich Texan,searching for a home in the area,so he can track down where the crew is staying. He gets assistant from character Leslie (Jennifer Lopez),who’s real estate agent.

Eventually, Leslie does some deep investigation,and finds out what Parker is really up to. However,it turns out that she really just wants to help him do whatever he’s going to do so she can get paid,and leave her dead end real estate agent job. Apparently,she knows the Palm Beach area like the back of her hand,and can get the info he needs to track down his crew,and get his revenge.

This little partnership between Parker and Leslie,eventually leads up to an exciting,edge of your seat, conclusion that involves Parker going head to head with the crew after they pull off the huge heist,and Parker having to bail Leslie out of trouble when she makes a super dumb move.

Again, I really enjoyed everything about this movie. The plotline was solid for the entire run time as I never got bored or fell asleep at anytime. I was totally intrigued,and really wanted to know how the movie would eventually play out,and that’s huge for me as I’ve seen a ton of films,here lately, that just make me want to doze off to sleep and wake up at the end.

Jason Statham was excellent as usual. I always ,pretty much, enjoy watching any of his films,because he doesn’t mess around,and his films usually kick major butt in the action department. And I actually enjoyed watching Jennifer Lopez in a movie for a change. Jason actually managed to help look good in a film. She should really be thanking him,lol! I gave the movie a solid A+ grade. Stay tuned. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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