New ‘Warm Bodies’ Movie Delivered Extremely Weird Storyline,Action,Drama & More

New ‘Warm Bodies’ Movie Delivered Extremely Weird Storyline,Action,Drama & More

New ‘Warm Bodies’ movie delivered extremely weird storyline,action,drama & more. Summit Entertainment released their new comedy/drama/thriller flick “Warm Bodies ” into theaters this weekend. I just checked it out,and thought it was just weird as all hell. I mean, I understood the concept of it,but it just came off very weird and odd. On a good note,it did deliver a lot of action and drama,and I was never bored by the movie. I just thought it was really weird and stupid at times. It stars: Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Rob Corddry, John Malkovich, Analeigh Tipton, Dave Franco,and Cory Hardrict.

Apparently, this movie was based on one of those weird novels like Twilight,where the monster can actually act human and be nice and shit. If that weren’t enough,he can actually make the girl fall in love with him. That sort of thing. However instead of vampires,it was with zombies,and I’ll say it again,it was the weirdest freaking thing to watch. I thought, “Oh my gosh. What have I gotten myself into,trying to watch this.”

Anyways, some weird zombie named R (because he couldn’t remember his name) ,saves a girl named Julie from the other zombies,because he can somehow think for himself and fight off the urge of being a zombie,even though he’s supposed to be dead. Then he eventually starts formulating words,because they want us to ,I guess,buy the fact that he’s slowly curing himself and becoming human again. And believe me when I tell you this. It comes off really,really bad.

Eventually, Julie starts to trust R and starts dancing and singing with him. She even takes him for a car ride when she should’ve been getting the hell out of there. To make a long drawn out movie short, Julie eventually makes it out of there and back to her army father. Then she tries to warn him that R and the rest of the zombies, who still have skin on them, are starting to heal themselves and become human again,while the skeleton zombies continue to attack.

All of this leads to a big drama-filled conclusion,where the skin zombies team up with the humans to kill off the skeleton zombies. And if that weren’t enough, R eventually turns back into a real boy and the rest of the zombies get nursed back to health by the townsfolk, once they realize it’s possible.

Again, I was just totally weirded out by the entire concept of this movie and everything it stood for. And me being Walking Dead fan, I found this movie to just be very blasphemous in nature. Never in a million years, would I conceptualize a movie where freaking zombies just heal themselves all on their own after getting kissed by some girl.

As far as I’m concerned,the girl should’ve gotten her face bitten off when she moved in for the kiss,and just ended right there,WTF? Anyways, I actually did give it a C- grade instead of a flat out F,because as bad as the plotline was,I did find it entertaining in a very strange way. I definitely never dozed off during this, and that’s really saying something as far as I’m concerned. I just don’t quite know what it is yet. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Tumblr by Clicking Here.

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