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Grey’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo Aka Meredith Revealed When The Show Will End,New Details

According to the folks over at People’s Choice, Ellen Pompeo (above) who plays Dr. Meredith Grey on ABC’s hit medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” recently revealed when the show is actually scheduled to end. They say she recently gave an interview with the Variety news team and told them that the show will end when she decides to quit.

Luckily, that doesn’t seem to be for quite some time the actress revealed. She said that she and the show’s producer Shonda Rhimes actually had a conversation about this topic and came to the conclusion that the show will go on as long as Ellen wants to keep doing it.

Ellen stated, “Shonda Rhimes and I have both said that when I’m ready to stop, we’re going to stop the show. The story is about Meredith Grey’s journey and when I’m done, the show will end.” Ellen went on to explain that the show’s fate is actually in the fans’ hands because she certainly has no plans to quit. As long as the fans think there’s more story to tell then they’ll keep it going.

Ellen said, “You don’t walk away from something for nothing. I’m really open to whatever the universe presents. I don’t know how long the show will go on. I know the network and the studio like to say they see no end in sight, but I think the audience will tell us when the show is no longer a fan favorite.

I think it’s quite arrogant to assume the show can go on forever. I don’t like that approach. Right now, we’re very lucky to have the fans still hanging on, and I think the fans will let us know when it’s time to stop the show.”

So, there you have it guys. As long as you’re still interested in the show, it looks like it will stick around.

In related news, Entertainment Weekly recently revealed some new info about the upcoming 14th season during one of their spoiler room chat sessions. Apparently, something really shocking is going to take place by the end of the big two-hour premiere episode! Unfortunately, they didn’t specifically point out what it is. They just basically said we should expect it.

During their spoiler room session, a fan asked the question: “What do you have on Grey’s Anatomy?” They replied with, “You may have heard that Grey’s Anatomy is heading into a lighter season, but trust me when I tell you that there will be some shocking news by the end of the two-hour premiere that will really make you question well, everything.” Say what? That sounds pretty heavy guys. We’ll definitely be trying to find out what that’s all about in the upcoming weeks.

Here’s what we do know for sure. Season 14 will start off where season 13 finished. With the whole explosion drama. It’s been revealed that there will also be some much lighter moments this season. It will be similar to seasons one and two.

We’ve got the return of Dr. Teddy Altman. There’s still no details about what she’ll be up to. Jo’s violent ex-husband Dr. Paul Stadler is supposed to be back. There’s no information about which episodes he’s going to appear in, but it does sound like he will give us some very interesting storylines.

Andrew Deluca’s sister Dr. Carina DeLuca will be arriving on the scene and she’ll make some of the doctors feel uncomfortable. Maggie will be looking to see if she and Jackson might be able to get a romance started. It hasn’t been confirmed that we’ll see a Maggie and Jackson romance though. I know a lot of fans want Jackson and April to stay together.

Ok, we’re going to wrap up this article on that note. Be sure to stay tuned for more exciting Grey’s Anatomy news. The big season 14 premiere is still scheduled to air on Thursday night, September 28,2017 at 7 pm central standard time on ABC. Be sure to follow us on our Grey’s Anatomy Facebook page for more Grey’s Anatomy news by Clicking Here.

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