Disney World Just Banned Someone For Life From All It’s Amusement Parks

Disney World Just Banned Someone For Life From All It’s Amusement Parks

Happy Wednesday, “Disney World” fans. We’ve got some pretty interesting and shocking news to share with you guys today. It turns out that the people who run Disney World made a very serious decision to ban a man for life from their famous amusement parks after he committed multiple offences or what they considered to be offensive.

According to the folks over at NBC News , a New York City man named Dion Cini was banned indefinitely from ever attending the beautiful Walt Disney World amusement parks for holding up “Trump 2020” signs! They say he first did it at Magic Kingdom. The second time, he held the sign up at Splash Mountain.

While he was holding the signs, he was seen wearing a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap. Disney World indicated that they were not offended by the content of the message. They banned him because it violates their policy which prohibits “the unauthorized use of any flag, banner or sign for commercial purposes or to incite a crowd.”

ABC News pointed out that the photos of Dion holding up the “Trump 2020” sign was the most photos taken of all the passengers on the Splash Mountain ride.

A spokesperson from Disney did make a statement about this issue. They claimed that they warned Dion previously about this violation before ever banning him. They stated, “Walt Disney World welcomes all Guests to enjoy our parks. However, demonstrations and the display of signs and banners is not permitted on the premises. We have previously reminded this guest about our rules.”

Dion was allowed to return to Disney World when he violated their policy the first time, but Disney refused to tolerate it after he committed the exact same violation the second time. Dion was a annual passholder at Disney World. After his first violation, they paused his pass so they could have a very indepth discussion with him about their policies.

Since being banned, Dion has not responded to request from NBC News to comment on the situation. However, they did point out that Dion wrote on his Facebook page about it. He wrote, “Banned for life from Walt Disney World for the 2nd time in a month. They hate my signs, or the President? Maybe both?”

NBC News pointed out that Dion did talk with the Washington Post about this issue with Disney World. He told them he intended to go viral by bringing the sign on the ride. He also tried to produce viral images in the past by unfurling large Trump signs at Yankee Stadium and the Broadway show “Frozen.”

So, it sounds like Disney was pretty fair about the situation. They gave him fair warning, and then he just did the same thing again. It sounds like he was just begging to get banned, and he got it.

What do you guys feel about this guy getting banned from Disney World for breaking their rules twice? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

In related news, Disney World has now implemented a new date-based ticket pricing system. It went into effect yesterday, November 13, 2018. According to Floridatoday.com , Under this new system, ticket prices will vary based on the particular day. Single-day tickets will range from $109 to $129, depending on how popular the day is expected to be.

Disney’s new interactive online calendar shows guests how much a ticket will cost per day based on how many days they plan to explore the parks and when their visit will start. Busier days will have higher prices.

Disney officials said this new system will allow them to better disperse attendance during the year stating, “As our parks continue to increase in popularity, this new pricing model is part of our broader efforts to better spread attendance throughout the year, and is intended to help us improve and deliver a great experience for our guests.”

The new system lets guests see which month will be the cheapest based on how many days they want to visit. Alternatively, there’s the opportunity for guests to be able to choose a flexible start date. With that method, guests can visit whenever they want on or before December 31, 2019. However, they must keep in mind that all of their multiday tickets must be used within 14 days of the first one.

Alright guys. That’s going to wrap it up for this latest Disney World report, but definitely stay tuned for more. Be sure to follow us on our Disney World News Facebook page for more Disney World news by Clicking Here.

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