New ‘MacGyver’ Spoilers For Season 4, March 6, 2020 Episode 5 Revealed

New ‘MacGyver’ Spoilers For Season 4, March 6, 2020 Episode 5 Revealed

Hey,”MacGyver” fans. We hope you guys had another great Friday and MacGyver viewing party for episode 4. Now that it’s officially a wrap, we are back to go deep inside the new spoiler teasers for the next, new episode in the line up, which is episode number 5. That’s right, guys. It’s already time for episode 5 to arrive next week.

The terrific folks over at CBS came through, once again, with the main plotline teaser description for episode 5 via their episode 5 press release. We’re going to take up a few minutes of your precious time to tell you all about it. So, let’s get started.

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First off, episode number 5 is officially titled, “Soccer + Desi + Merchant + Titan.” It sounds like episode 5 will feature some very interesting, possible action-filled, intense, dramatic and suspenseful scenes.

In the new episode 5, a corrupt player will be working with the Codex shadow organization in some match-fixing funded soccer games.

In light of this, Desi is going to take on an undercover assignment where she infiltrates a soccer team in an effort to find the main players in the Codex and put a stop to their match-fixing funding operation.

During Desi’s infiltration efforts , she will try to locate the corrupt player that is working with the shadow organization.

CBS’ official description for episode 5 reads like this, “In an attempt to find the main players in the Codex and cut off their match-fixing funding, Desi goes undercover to infiltrate a soccer team and find the corrupt player working with the shadow organization.”


Will Desi successfully crack this case? If so, what kind of trouble will she face along the way? Those are some very important questions we’ll be looking to see get answered before the hour is up next week.

Whatever the case, it certainly sounds like this storyline could feature some very dramatic, high action and intense scenes for you guys to look forward to. So, get ready for it.

Episode 5 will feature quite a few guest stars. They are: James Callis as character (Merchant), Jade Albany as character (Gabriella), Dimitrius Pulido as character (Gentleman), Anya as character (Kristina), Michael Mazzeo as character (Old Man).

Guest stars continued: Amanda Ayres as character (Coach), Lauren Lavera as character (Player), Franco Castan as character (Male Employee), Roberto Setzu as character (Bartender), Alessandro Folchitto as character (Club Manager) and Ari Loeb as character (Bodyguard).

The season regulars that will be featured in episode 5 are: Lucas Till as character (Angus “Mac” MacGyver), Tristin Mays as character (Riley Davis), Justin Hires as character (Wilt Bozer), Meredith Eaton as character (Matty Weber), Levy Tran as character (Desi Nguyen) and Henry Ian Cusick as character (Russ Taylor).

Episode 5 was written by Cindy Appel, and it was directed by Duane Clark. CBS’ press release confirmed that episode 5 is indeed scheduled to air next Friday night, March 6, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “MacGyver” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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