New ‘MacGyver’ Spoilers For Season 4, March 13, 2020 Episode 6 Revealed

New ‘MacGyver’ Spoilers For Season 4, March 13, 2020 Episode 6 Revealed

Hey, “MacGyver” fans. We are back at you with another new spoiler session. In this article , we’re going to tell you what’s going down in the next, new episode 6 of this current MacGyver season 4.

The lovely folks over at CBS dished up the main plotline teaser description for episode 6 in their new episode 6 press release. So, we will definitely use that as a source. CBS also served up a new preview clip for episode 6. We’re going to take a look at all of that. Let’s get started.

First off, episode 6 is officially titled, “Right + Wrong + Both + Neither.” The new episode 6 sounds like it will feature some very intense, dramatic, action-filled and suspenseful scenes.

In the new episode 6, Russ’ very first love of his life Emilia is going to have a very terrible thing happen to her in this episode. At some point,Emilia will get snatched up and straight kidnapped by a group of vicious rebels! Oh, no!

These rebels will be the same rebels that Russ fought off when he was doing private military contract work.

In light of this terrible event, Russ will gather up the Phoenix team to take into a very small, impoverished town in an effort to not only rescue Emilia, but to also get rid of these friggin rebels forever.

CBS’ official description for episode 6 reads like this, “When Russ’ first love, Emilia (Amanda Schull), is kidnapped by the same rebels he fought during his private military contract days, he takes the Phoenix team to a small, impoverished town to rescue her and rid the town of the rebels for good.”


Will Russ and his team get these extreme set of tasks completed? Will they get rid of those terrible rebels for all of eternity? Those are the major questions we’ll be looking to see get answered in this episode.

One thing that is for sure is this plotline will deliver more hardcore action, suspense and drama for you guys to look forward to when next Friday night rolls around. So, certainly get prepped for it right now.

The new preview clip for episode 6 definitely doesn’t disappoint, It features plenty of hardcore fighting scenes.

There’s also some fun times where MacGyver tells the team, “We’re going in cool-aid style,” and Desi is all about it saying, “Oh yeah!”

I like that Desi. She’s cute as a button. Anyways, you guys can view the new preview clip for episode 6 over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

Episode 6 will feature a couple of guest stars. They are: Amanda Schull as character (Emilia West), Matt Medrano as character (Dr. Marcel), Nick Rhys as character (Victor), Maximilian Osinski as character (Anton), John Purcarea as character (Worker), Alex Veadov as character (Felix), Yosef Kasnetzkov as character (Lead Guard) and Teodora Cristea as character (Female Worker).

The season regulars that will be featured in episode 6 are: Lucas Till as character (Angus “Mac” MacGyver), Tristin Mays as character (Riley Davis), Justin Hires as character (Wilt Bozer), Meredith Eaton as character (Matty Weber), Levy Tran as character (Desi Nguyen) and Henry Ian Cusick as character (Russ Taylor).

Episode 6 was written by Andrew Klein, and it was directed by Roderick Davis. CBS’ press release confirmed that episode 6 is indeed scheduled to air on Friday night, March 13, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “MacGyver” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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