‘American Idol’ May 3, 2020 Top 11 Contestants Revealed (Recap)

‘American Idol’ May 3, 2020 Top 11 Contestants Revealed (Recap)

Hey, American Idol fans. Last night,May 3, 2020, another episode of American Idol did indeed air, and the top 11 singers were indeed revealed as the judges: Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan did throw in a “save.”

Tonight’s show kicked off with season 11 winner Phillip Phillips singing his song titled, “Home.”

Shortly after that, they showed Bobby Bones mentoring the singers on camera. Right after that, they revealed that Louis Knight was the first person to make it through to the top 10 from America’s vote! Next, Louis sang,”In My Place” by Coldplay from home of course.

Afterwards, Katy said, “Your version made me escape to a better time.” Luke said, “I wasn’t completely blown away, but I liked your song choice.” Lionel said, “Play the camera as much as you can.”

Next, they revealed that Julia Gargano made it through to the top 10. Then she sang, “New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel.

Afterwards, Katy said, “I’m so impressed.” Luke said, “This is my very favorite performance of the season. Great job!” Lionel said, “You made it your song. I’m so so happy for you!” Katy also said, “This is one of the best performances of the season. You grew to a very high level.”

Next, they revealed that Jovin Webb made into the top 10! Then he sang, “Voodoo by Allen Stone.” Afterwards, Lionel said, “I love it! Old school, but fabulous. It’s magic.” Katy said, “I escaped with you.” Luke said, “You did not hit one bad note.”

Next, they revealed that Grace Leer was the next singer to make it into the top 10! Then she performed, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from her home in Danville, California.

Afterwards, Katy said, “It was big and bold.” Luke said, “You just showed America that you have a big, big voice.” Lionel said, “Stay in your lane if country is your aim.”

Next, they revealed that Jonny West is also through to the top 10! Then he performed the song,”Faithfully” by Journey.

Afterwards, Luke said, “Your effortlessness and ability to phrase a song is remarkable. Great performance.” Lionel said, “You’re on your way to something really big. You Jonnyrized it.” Katy said, “You’ve got me on the Alejandro level now.”

Shortly after that, they revealed that Sofia James is into the top 10! Then she sang, “In My Room” by The Beach Boys.

Afterwards, Lionel said, “You’ve done the work. I love your delivery from top to bottom.” Katy said, “This is upper echelon. You really brought it with that interpretation.” Luke said, “You’re magic to watch.”

Next, they revealed that Arthur Gunn is safe and through to the top 10! Then he sang, “Country Roads” by John Denver.

Afterwards, Katy said, “I felt more connected to the performance. You’re interacting with the camera now.” Luke said, “I love the reggae style. It’s a perfect showcase.” Lionel said, “It’s all believable. I love what you did.”

Next, they revealed that Just Sam made it into the top 10. After that, she sang,”Grandma’s Hands by Bill Withers.”

Afterwards, Luke said, “I love your richness and the way your voice holds up.” Lionel said, “I love to see your smile now. I’m so happy and proud of you.” Katy said, “Your rendition reminded me of being in church and getting lost in worship.”

Next, they revealed that Dillon James made into the top 10! From there, he sang, “Yesterday by the Beatles”

Afterwards, Lionel said, “Be yourself.” Katy said, “I wanted you to give more breath to your performance.” Luke said, “I appreciate your artistry. Slow it down next time, and allow the lyrics to take shape and form.”

Next,they revealed that Francisco Martin made the final top 10 spot through the voting from America! Then he performed the song, “Falling Like the Stars” by James Arthur.

Afterwards, Katy said, “Your performance was very believable.” Luke said, “You really know how to get emotion out of a song.” Lionel said, “You’re a true talent.”

After that, the judges did deliberate, and they decided to use their “save” to save Mikayla Phillips! With that “save,” we will see not 10, but 11 singers next week.

Also, Makayla performed the song, “House that Built Me” by Miranda Lambert. Afterwards,Luke said, “I’m so glad you came back.” Lionel said, “You’re a star.” Katy said, “You were leaning into your performance. I felt you were singing directly to me. I appreciate that you took our notes from last week.”

With all that said, the top 11 “American Idol” singers for this 2020 season are: Louis Knight, Julia Gargano, Jovin Webb, Grace Leer, Jonny West, Sofia James, Arthur Gunn, Just Sam, Dillon James, Francisco Martin and Makayla Phillips.

Unfortunately, contestants: Kimmy Gabriella, Franklin Boone, Olivia Ximines, Aliana Jester, Faith Becnel, Nick Merico, Lauren Spencer Smith, Cyniah Elise and DeWayne Crocker were all eliminated last night.

You guys can view all of last night’s American Idol performances on American Idol’s official Youtube channel by Clicking Here.

The next, new “American Idolepisode is scheduled to air next Sunday night, May 10, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on ABC. The top 7 singers will be revealed during that show.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “American Idol” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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