Survivor November 16, 2022 Voted Off James Jones & Ryan Medrano (Recap)

Survivor November 16, 2022 Voted Off James Jones & Ryan Medrano (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, November 16, 2022, another new episode of Survivor’s current season 43 hit the air, and we saw not one, but two unlucky contestants get voted off the island at the end.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with Sami talking about how he voted off Jeanine at the last tribal council meeting because it was the easy thing to do that time. However, he wants to get out some tougher people at the next tribal council meeting. Owen told the private cams, “Jeanine was not the one I wanted to go home.”

Sami, Owen and Gabler had a conversation, and they all agreed that James thinks he can call all the shots. Owen said, “We need to get James out.”

James told the private cams, “I don’t trust Owen because he voted for me to go twice in the past. You go against me, you go home.”

After all of that, host Jeff Probst showed up with the new immunity challenge. This one had a twist though. Everyone was split up into two teams of five. One person from each team won immunity. So, there were 2 immunity winners. However, along with the two winners, there were two tribal council meetings for each team of five. So, two people were getting voted out in this episode.

They drew straws for the two teams of five. Jesse, Cassidy, Gabler, Ryan and Cody ended upon the Red team. Sami, Noelle, James, Karla and Owen ended up on the Blue team.

This was an endurance comp. They had to hold a ball up via holding a handle down. The last one holding the ball up from each team, won immunity.

Karla won for the blue team. Cody won for the red team, and he won overall, meaning he was the last one standing for both teams so he got a reward to go along with his immunity. It was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Cody got to share his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with his team of five. Ryan told the private cams that he’s trying to get out Cassidy again. Meanwhile, Cassidy campaigned to Cody and Jesse that they need to get Ryan out. They didn’t give her a definite yes at this point. So, she was pretty worried for her life in the game.

Over on the Blue team, Karla told the private cams that she’s voting to get Owen out because he’s not part of her alliance. Noelle and Sami seemed to agree with her when she told them about it. Owen and James argued over the last tribal council meeting vote. Apparently, Owen blamed James for telling him to vote for Ryan at the last minute, and it wasn’t the majority vote. The conversation ended with Owen cussing James out and walking off.

At the Red team, Cody and Jesse contemplated whether or not to vote out Cassidy or Ryan. They decided to wait and see who the blue team voted off because the Blue team had to do their tribal council meeting first since the winner of that team (Karla) didn’t win the overall challenge.

Noelle told the private cams that she’s secretly trying to get James out, and she wants to use her steal-a-vote advantage to do it. She campaigned her idea to Owen and Sami. They seemed to agree. Sami tried to convince Karla to vote out James too, but she didn’t want to because she’s working with James. Sami told Karla, “It won’t be that bad if James is gone.” She agreed a little it, but she didn’t seem to be fully convinced heading into the tribal council meeting.

At the tribal council meeting for: Noelle, James, Owen, Karla and Sami, they did some general game talk before casting their votes. Noelle did use her steal-a-vote advantage to steal Owen’s vote. When the votes were read, it was revealed that Owen got 1 vote, and James racked up 3 votes.

So, with the 3 votes, James was indeed voted off and blindsided hard. He said, “Whoo hoo. Good move, guys.” He told the private cams, “I had great time. I played the best game I could play.”

Next up, was the tribal council meeting for: Cassidy, Ryan, Cody, Jesse and Mike Gabler. They only served up some general game talk too before casting their votes. Cassidy ended up with 1 vote, and Ryan got hit with 3 votes. So, he was voted off and stunned as well. He didn’t have any departing words. He just took his L and left.

How do you guys feel about James Jones and Ryan Medrano getting voted off and blindsided in tonight’s episode of Survivor season 43? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That is it for this latest, “Survivor” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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