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New Avengers 2 Movie Pic Shows Black Widow Cool Motorcycle Riding Action


New Vampire Diaries Season 6 Long Spoiler Teaser Clip Served Up By 2014 Comic Con


New Batman Vs Superman Movie Pic Shows Wonder Woman First Look Action


New Fifty Shades Of Grey First Movie Trailer Hit The Net


New Batman Vs Superman Movie Pic Shows Ben Affleck Batman Close Up Action


Kristen Stewart Spotted Naked Flower Sexy For New Florabotanica Fragrance BTS Clip

Recently, Balenciaga dropped this new “behind the scenes” clip (below) for their latest Florabotanica fragrance ad, featuring former Twilight Saga hottie, Kristen Stewart, beautifully nude posing so that the special effects of flower could be shown appearing to grow up her back. Throughout the clip, Kristen gave some commentary.

At one point, she said: “What I like about this is that I didn’t have to turn into a different person. The point was to capture something natural. If you’re ever feeling like your forcing something or trying to get the shot suddenly it’s just not fun anymore.” Read more »

Walking Dead Season 5 Rick’s Crew Will Obliterate Terminus & More,New Details

According to a couple of different reports from around the net, we have good reason to believe that Terminus is going to be in a whole heap of trouble with Rick and company when The Walking Dead season 5 returns for action this Fall. Chandler Riggs aka Carl was quite blunt with a fan when he or she asked him if terminus was in trouble, stating, “yes they are doomed.”

Also, there are some season 5 set pics that reportedly show explosions and charred bodies at the filming locations, speculating a possible torching by Rick and company, but nothing is officially confirmed yet. Recently, Andrew Lincoln aka Rick explained to Entertainment Weekly: “Oh, I don’t care what Scott Gimple has written – we’re improvising the first couple of episodes. We’ve already said that those Termites – we’re just gonna kick their bu**s! Honestly, it is so good to be playing Rick again. Read more »

New Originals Season 2 Kol To Return For Flashback Action,New Spoiler

According to a recent report from TV Line, The Originals season 2 folks are apparently bringing back actor ,Nathaniel Buzolic aka Kol Mikaelson, to deliver up some flashback action at some point.

Originally, rumors were floating around of his return earlier this month when a press release noted that he would only be attending Barcelona’s BloodyNightCon due to work commitments for The Originals. In addition to that, look for Klaus and Elijah to try and stop Esther and Mikael from doing some major damage in the new season, because I’m hearing that Esther will try to kill off the family once again. Read more »

New Beauty And The Beast Season 2,Episode 17 Third Spoiler Clip Hit The Net

Recently, CW served up this new, 3rd,sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Beauty And The Beast” episode 17 of season 2, and it appears that things will get very intense and drama-filled as Catherine attempts to stop Vincent’s arrest to no avail, and more! The episode is titled, “Beast Is The New Black.”

In the new clip, Catherine is seen, attempting to stop the cops from taking Vincent in on the Windsor murder charges. Unfortunately, for Cat, things just don’t work out. However, she does get to speak with Vincent just before they haul him off to the slammer, and he tells her to go fetch the freaking gem. Read more »

New Pretty Little Liars Season 5,Episode 1 Third Spoiler Clip Hit The Net

Recently, ABC Family released this new,3rd,sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Pretty Little Liars” episode 1 of season 5, and it appears that things will get very intense and dramatic for poor Alison as she walks the streets by her lonesome, and more. The episode is titled, “Escape From New York.”

In the new clip, Alison is seen, walking the streets all by her lonesome, and almost gets hit by a cab for not looking both ways before crossing the street like her momma told her to, lol!! Anyways, from their, Alison continues to walk the streets and passes a terrific saxophone player before she sees a mysterious,creepy hooded man just staring at her like he’s about to freaking hunt her down. Read more »

New Pretty Little Liars Season 5,Episode 1 Canadian Spoiler Promo Clip Hit The Net

Recently, this new,Canadian promo/spoiler clip (below) for the upcoming “Pretty Little Liars” episode 1 of season 5, showed up online, and it appears to be extremely intense and drama-filled as Ezra nearly flatlines, Alison ticks off the liars with her secrets, and more! The episode is titled, “Escape From New York.”

In the new clip, the lairs: Aria, Spencer,Hanna, and Emily are seen, making sure Ezra quickly gets into an emergency room after he got popped with a couple of caps. Next, extreme drama takes place between Alison and the girls, especially with Spencer as she totally yells at her for not trusting them. At one point, Alison has the nerve to tell the girls, there’s some shit they don’t need to know about. Read more »

Walking Dead Season 5 Rick’s Crew To Quickly Get Out Of Terminus & More,New Spoiler

Recently, comicbook.com served up some new spoiler scoopage for the upcoming Walking Dead season 5, via Co-Executive Producer, Denise Huth. It turns out that we’re going to see Rick and company quickly get the hell out of that nappy Terminus train car and head for the road when the show starts back up.

In addition to that, it seems like they’re going to be finding themselves on the road quite a bit as they have no real place to call home anymore since the prison went to hell in season 4. When asked about the new season 5 locations, Denise told them: ” We’re out of the prison and we’re on the road; and we will see a little more of Terminus. The survivors don’t have a space to get back to, like the prison, so this year will be really brand new, which is exciting.” Read more »

New Angelina Jolie ‘Maleficent’ Movie Received Mixed Reviews From Major Critics

Walt Disney Pictures released their new Angelina Jolie branded fantasy flick, “Maleficent,” into theaters today, May 30th, and all the reviews from the top movie critics are in. It turns out that it just seems to be ok,getting mixed reviews with an overall 56 score out of 100 across 38 reviews at Metacritic.com.

The movie stars: Angelina Jolie, Sharlto Copley, Elle Fanning, Sam Riley, Imelda Staunton, Juno Temple, and Lesley Manville. We’ve supplied blurbs from a few of the critics,below.

Joe Neumaier at the New York Daily News, gave it a great 80 score, stating: “Angelina Jolie is so wickedly enchanting in the magical, magnificent Maleficent, you may not notice how transporting this female-driven blockbuster really is.”

Sheri Linden from the The Hollywood Reporter, gave it an 80. She stated: “A few bumpy patches notwithstanding, the new feature is an exquisitely designed, emotionally absorbing work of dark enchantment.” Read more »

New X Men,Apocalypse 7 Minutes Of Spoilers Revealed,New Clip

Recently, Comicbookmovie.com released this new,special podcast audio clip (below) where they talk with Mason, and he reveals over 7 minutes worth of new spoilers that we can expect to see from the major Apocalypse villain in the new “X-Men: Apocalypse” movie. It turns out that the X-Men will have quite a lot of work on their hands as Apocalypse seems damn near impossible to stop, and more.

In the new clip, they explain that Apocalypse is a mutant and a Cyborg, and has acquired a lot of other different technologies from other powerful beings like demigods and so on, and so forth. He has complete molecular control over himself, so he can change his size,shape,form, and what not. He can look like different people and shoot energy blasts. Read more »

New Batman Vs Superman Ben Affleck Fight Training Details Revealed

Recently, Batman News dropped some new intel on “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” star, Ben Affleck’s Batman fight training. It turns out that he’s hired a new team to help him train for the action sequences, and one of the peeps includes Jamie Damon, who is the cousin of Ben’s BFF and movie star, Matt Damon.

Ben had previously hired Rehan Jalali to get him bulked up for the movie,but now it’s time to train for set work. Ben is now training with Jamie Damon and Walter Norton Jr. in Los Angeles and on the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. They are hometown friends from the Institute of Performance Fitness, based in North Reading, Mass., near Boston. Read more »