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New Riverdale Season 3 To Feature A Very Special, Important Episode

Hey, “Riverdale” fans. It’s been a while, but we’ve finally got some new, exciting news to share with guys in regards to the upcoming third season. It turns out that a very special flash back to the past episode will be shown which will feature characters Fred Andrews,Alice Cooper, Hermione Lodge and F.P. Jones as high school students.

That’s right. They will be played Riverdale’s main stars KJ Apa aka Archie Andrews, Lili Reinhart aka Betty Cooper, Camila Mendes aka Veronica Lodge and Cole Sprouse aka Jughead Jones. Also, this episode will feature Veronica’s father Hiram Lodge as a teenager. Read more »

New Riverdale Season 3 Major Spoiler Teasers Revealed By The Cast & Producers At 2018 Comic Con

riverdale season 3 photo

Hey Riverdale fans. It’s time to give you guys some new, interesting season 3 spoiler teasers. This time, we were able to collect some really good stuff from the Riverdale cast and producers when they showed up at the big 2018 Comic-Con event in San Diego, California yesterday, July 22, 2018.

As previously reported, Riverdale’s main stars: KJ Apa aka Archie Andrews, Lili Reinhart aka Betty Cooper, Camila Mendes aka Veronica Lodge, Cole Sprouse aka Jughead Jones, Marisol Nichols aka Hermione Lodge, Madelaine Petsch aka Cheryl Blossom, Ashleigh Murray aka Jose McCoy , Mark Consuelos aka Hiram Lodge, Casey Cott aka Kevin Keller, Skeet Ulrich aka FP Jones, Mädchen Amick aka Alice Cooper, Luke Perry aka Fred Andrews and Vanessa Morgan aka Toni Topaz all showed up to do their big fan Question and Answers segment for the fans who were on hand. Read more »

New Riverdale Season 3 Major Cast Event Is Coming Up Soon

Hey Riverdale fans. We’ve got some great new, season 3 news for you guys. There’s going to be a major, new annual event coming up in just a couple of days which is guaranteed to get all of you fans even more excited to see the brand new season 3.

It is the new 2018 Comic-Con event in San Diego, California! That’s right guys. Riverdale’s main stars along with the producers are scheduled to make their big return to Comic-Con this year to reveal a lot of new information for the upcoming 3rd season. They will also feature an exclusive new clip for season 3. Read more »

New Riverdale Season 3 First Episode 1 Title Already Revealed

Hey fellow “Riverdale” fans. As most of you know by now, season 3 of Riverdale ism currently in the works. In fact, we now have a title for the very first episode! Recently, the folks over at Comicbook.com tracked down a tweet from Riverdal’s producer/showrunner Robert Aguirre-Sacasa. He tweeted out an animated photo that shows poor Archie in court. Underneath it, the title for episode 1 of season 3 was revealed to be: “Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day.”

Roberto also wrote: “And so Season 3 of #Riverdale begins! Thrilled & honored to get to tell more stories w/this incredible cast & crew!” The animated comicbook “Archie in court” photo also featured some possible dialogue that we might see in the episode. Read more »

New Riverdale Season 3 Is Bringing On Two New Characters For Action

Hey, fellow “Riverdale” fans. We’ve got some pretty exciting and intriguing new Riverdale season 3 news to share with you guys. It turns out that the show is bringing on a new male and female to befriend the Coopers Betty and Alice.

However, one of them is supposed to have some possibly really dark secrets they’re hiding. On the surface, it will appear that these two are helping Betty and Alice, but we’ll have to wait and see if that’s really the case. Read more »

New ‘Riverdale’ Season 3 Premiere Date Finally Revealed By The CW

Happy Friday “Riverdale” fans. We’ve got some exciting news for you guys today as the CW recently, finally revealed their Fall season premiere dates for all of their shows which of course includes “Riverdale!”

So, with no further ado, we’re just going to cut to the chase and let you guys know when you can expect your favorite show to return with all, brand new season 3 episodes. Mark your calendars for Wednesday night,October 10, 2018 at 7 pm central standard time. That is when the new season 3 is scheduled to make its huge and highly anticipated debut. It will be paired up with a new show that the CW is premiering called, “All American” which will air in the 8 pm central time slot. Read more »

New ‘Riverdale’ Season 3 Archie,Betty,Jughead & Veronica Problem Teasers & More Revealed

Happy Sunday “Riverdale” fans. In this report we’ve got a ton of new season 3 teasers to share with you guys straight from the showrunner/producer himself Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. He recently sat down with the folks over at Entertainment Weekly to dish out a bunch season 3 spoiler goodies. It turns out we might see the Betty, Archie, Jughead and Veronica’s “group” friendship face some pretty serious problems. We might find out more about Polly’s mysterious farm. Cheryl and Betty’s new Serpent status will get quickly explored and so much more!

To get things started , Roberto revealed that season 3 will feature an investigation and a new mystery. He also confirmed that we sadly will see more dead bodies turn up. Read more »

New ‘Riverdale’ Season 3 Shocking Details Revealed For Veronica’s Dad Hiram Lodge & More

Hey fellow “Riverdale” fans. We’ve got some more, very intense new details that you guys can expect to see in the upcoming and highly anticipated season 3! This latest spoiler teaser is in reference to Veronica Lodge’s father Hiram Lodge, and it’s straight from the showrunner himself Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

The folks over at Entertainment Weekly were recently able to chat it up with him, and they got him to give up some major intel. It turns out that as shady and crooked as Hiram Lodge was in season 2, we haven’t seen anything yet. He’s going to get even dirtier in season 3! Read more »

New Riverdale Season 3 Possible Jughead & Betty Teasers Revealed By Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart

Hey, “Riverdale” fans. In this report, we’ve got a little bit of new intel for the upcoming 3rd season of your favorite show direct from Jughead portrayer Cole Sprouse and Betty Cooper star Lili Reinhart! The folks over at E! Online were able to catch up to them at the recent CW Upfronts event on the red carpet to get their take on what’s possibly in store the brand new, upcoming season 3.

It turns out that we’re more than likely going to see more of Jughead’s family get thrown into the mix, and they’re definitely going to cause some major issues in multiple areas of his life. As for Betty, we’re more than likely going to see her more happier side get explored, and put all of her darkness to rest for a while. Read more »

Riverdale Season 3 Is Bringing Back A Creepy And Surprising Character

Hey “Riverdale” fans. We’ve got a new update for you guys today in regards to what’s going to take in place in the upcoming 3rd season. It turns out that a character we thought might be dead, or at the very least, totally out of the picture is schedule to show back up at some point.

The folks over at Screenrant.com are reporting that Alice Cooper portrayer Madchen Amick revealed that the very creepy Chic Cooper character played by actor Hart Denton is indeed returning to spook our Riverdale screens again in season 3! Read more »