‘She’s Out OF My League’ Movie Delivered Tons Of Eye Watering Laughs

‘She’s Out OF My League’ Movie Delivered Tons Of Eye Watering Laughs

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‘She’s Out Of My League’ movie delivered tons of eye watering laughs. Dreamworks Pictures released their new hilarious romantic/comedy, “She’s Out Of My League” this weekend,and it was way more funnier than I thought it would be. It had me laughing my ass off. The main character who brought all the laughs was stand up comedian T.J. Miller . He played the character named Stainer in the movie. He would just never shut up ,and everything that came out of his mouth,was so full of crap that you just had to laugh. All the characters in this movie were funny,but he just really stood out.

“She’s Out My League” revolved around character Kirk (Jay Baruchel) who’s an airport security agent. One day he helps check in a stunningly beautiful girl named Molly (Alice Eve), and he thinks she is,well, out of his league as the title of this movie suggest. However, they eventually hit it off,and start dating. Unfortunately his friend’s sarcasm about him not being hot enough or good enough for Molly,and a funny incident where Kirk ejaculates in his pants right before Molly’s parents come over, threatened to destroy their budding romance.

However a change of heart amongst his peers eventually helps mend this almost broken relationship back together,and it features one non-stop laugh after another. A couple of funny scenes are: Kirk getting his testicles shaved by his friend, Stainer singing the hell out of Hall & Oates tunes like they’re cool,and Kirk’s crazy family embarrassing the hell out him in front of Molly at dinner. Most of the funny parts are just dialogues and jokes. It’s one of those types of movies that turn out to be way funnier than the movie trailer makes it out to be. If you’re a comedy fan, this movie will make you laugh really hard,non-stop. Some of the top movie critics were really wrong about this film.

Grade: A+

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  1. JT says:

    I loved the the loyal friendships between people that are so different from each other. The four guys and even Molly and Patty are each very different but are helping each other get through the rough spots and reach for more in life. There is lot’s to like about this film (except for excessive, unnecessary vulgar language).

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