‘Last Airbender’ Movie Delivered A Great Story With Awesome Scenes

‘Last Airbender’ Movie Delivered A Great Story With Awesome Scenes

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‘Last Airbender’ movie delivered a great story with awesome scenes. Paramount Pictures new “Last Airbender” flick hit the theaters today. I just got through watching it,and I must say I totally disagree with the top movie critics this week. Most of them thought it was horrible,but this movie was freakin awesome. It delivered a lot of action,cool special effects with a great storyline. I was totally captivated by every element of this movie. It stars: Noah Ringer, Nicola Peltz, Jackson Rathbone, Dev Patel, Jessica Jade Andres, Aasif Mandvi, Shaun Toub, Cliff Curtis, and Keong Sim.

“The Last Airbender” revolved around character Aang (Noah Rider) who is one of the last airbenders left,and the so-called avatar that can manipulate all elements fire,water,air,and earth. However,Aang hasn’t yet developed any ability but airbending after forsaking his avatar duty. After being frozen for many years, Aang is finally freed from his ice chamber that he was stuck in by his newfound friends Katara (Nicola Peltz) and Sokka (Jackson Rathbone). They nurse him back to health before he is taken by the Fire Nation who are trying to enslave all the elementbending nations to their rule.

He eventually escapes,and with help of his friends, he goes on a journey to develop the rest of his avatar abilities,starting with waterbending. The Fire nation stay on his tracks so they can capture him. They try to destroy the waterbending nation,but by the time they do,it’s too late as Aang shows them the real powers of the waterbenders. The movie is really exciting to watch. It features lots of cool airbending,earthbending,waterbending,and firebending scenes,along with good old fashion fighting scenes.

I also liked the storyline. I thought it was very interesting,and it kept me intrigued the entire time. They definitely left it open for a sequel by revealing that Aang will continue on to try and develop fire and earthbending,which really left me wanting to see a sequel. I never watched the TV show,but I thought the movie was great as far as the viewing experience goes. Get your “Last Airbender” movie tickets at Fandango by Clicking Here.

Grade: A

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14 Responses

  1. lol says:

    Were you high when you watched this movie or are you being paid by Paramount to write this?

  2. robin says:

    i totally agree with you it was really great and i disagree with the critics and im a big fan of the show and thought it followed the storyline very well

  3. Mig says:

    yay, finally a critic I can agree with.

  4. brickeater says:

    I agree totally people need to fucking lighten up and quit complaining about how it wasn’t “exactly” as the show was. Please, I watched the show and STILL thought it was a fantastic movie. Yeah they got some names wrong, but who fucking cares, it’s the story that’s really important, and they can’t just put every single freakin’ detail that was in the show, the movie would then be 10+ hours long at the least! It really grabbed my imagination, and the emotions “especially Patel’s” was fantastic. Can’t wait for the sequel!!

  5. Asa says:

    LOL, no accounting for taste I guess.

  6. E says:

    I agree, it was interesting that they left a opening for a sequel and that the entire story is going to be told in 3 movies and not just one. Most of these critics didn’t seem to get that. If they squeezed everything in one movie it would have been terrible, but they are clearly leaving the door open for more. I would love to see a fight between Ang and that crazy looking girl at the end.

  7. eli says:

    What did they pay you to say that! were you high? were you asleep? are you 5 years old and deaf? the only way to watch this movie is on mute.

    i don’t care that it wasn’t like the series; i’ve barely started watching that. the movie just sucked… big fat elephant balls.

  8. Mv says:

    I agree also! People need to realize that all great books and tv series that are made into a feature films don’t always get portrayed accurately and things sometimes need to be changed around so it works as a movie. I mean look at Harry Potter, great books great movies but they didn’t necessarily get everything right in those films either. Great movies though, which I think this one was too. And if your wondering, I have seen the tv series and don’t care that they made small changes, I don’t like Shyamalan, and thinks people should step out of the tv series and go see this movie with a blank slate and not compare the two.

  9. Youlanda says:

    Come on. I love the Avatar cartoon and watched faithfully until the move came out. I Knew there was some changes but this director missed the point . Which was Aang was child expected to save the world and all he wanted to do was be a child that was hard for him to grasp. The vision of the world was great, but be honest he had the easiest job all he had to do was capture the vital points in the first book. We all know that he was not going fit everything in this movie, he changed it to fit his needs.
    i find it upsetting when some one rush things. this director rush a great story.

  10. Bobby says:

    I agree completely ! I loved The Show but seriously , The People complaining about Race are just being retarded :
    1 . It`s A Fantasy World ! Just `cause The Actors are One Race doesn`t mean Their Characters have to be the Same Race !
    2 . Science shows All Races are genetically linked somewhere !
    3 . Do these people have any idea how many Films would never be made if Actors were cast solely on Race ?!?!?
    Aang , Sokka , Iroh and Avatar were pronounced differently because M. Night chose to use The Proper Japanese Pronunciations whereas The Show used Simplified Pronunciations for North American and European Viewers ! Anyway , I loved The Film . Though purists will always bitch , I thoroughly enjoyed The Film . Noah , Nicola , Jackson , Dev , Shaun , Seychelle , Aasif , Cliff and Summer all played Their Parts spot-on to The Show , imo . Can`t wait for Book Two !

  11. Matt says:

    Thought this was an amazing movie. I’ve never seen the cartoon but am planning to go out and buy the show just because of how awesome this movie was. From what I hear it remained very faithful to the cartoon. The story was very strong and left me waiting for the next movie. I honestly have nothing bad to say about it. I have no idea why it is getting such bad reviews on here. Here’s a live action movie that stays true to its source material, has great special effects, great casting, and an epic story. What’s not to love? Think people went in thinking they were going to get a light hearted goofy nickelodeon comedy, and got a powerful epic instead. This is one movie to not take mine or anyone else’s word for it, go see for yourself. If you liked the cartoon or movies like Lord of the Rings and Narnia, then you should love this movie! Can’t wait for the next one!!!

  12. Sherry88 says:

    The special effects were awesome! I really hope this movie makes a ton of money. It’s much better than any Twi movie. It should make a killing overseas. Jackson was great

  13. Great movie! says:

    This is a nice movie, the special effects are amazing and the movie itself had a sppoky tone to it.

    Don’t let the critics get to you, this is a good movie!

  14. dee804 says:

    Thats what made the last airbender suck. Because it followed the exact same storyline from the tv show. It was way too predictible. I knew everything that would happen in the movie before it happened, because I watched the tv show. They only made slight changes, stupid but slight changes. Like 4 waterbenders killing jhao instead of that water monster/water god or whatever the hell he was. Bottomline, the movie sucked.

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