New The Giver Movie Delivered Weird Storyline,Great Suspenseful Ending & More

New The Giver Movie Delivered Weird Storyline,Great Suspenseful Ending & More

The Weinstein Company released their new drama/sci-fi flick, “The Giver” into theaters this weekend. i just checked it out and thought it was just ok. The plotline was a little too strange for my taste, but I thought it had a decent ending with lots of suspense, action and more. It stars: Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Brenton Thwaites, Alexander Skarsgård, Katie Holmes, Odeya Rush and Taylor Swift.

The movie is set in a utopian society in 2048 AD. After a big war, “the community” decided to get rid of colors, therefore different races and feelings, such as love and anger, because they felt that they only caused conflict. In their community, everything is about sameness, thus there is no money or social status. Everyone owns the same things, and everyone lives in a same sized house.

They were ruled by 12 politicians called the Elders, and have ceremonies each year celebrating the age of each child. When a child turns 16, they are assigned a job. A boy named Jonas was selected to become a Receiver of Memory. Each child is part of a family unit, which includes one male and one female child, and adults may be part of one if they chose to. The children are not actually born to the couple they call parents. There are birthmothers to breed the children. Jonas is part of a family unit with “Mom” and “Dad” and his sister, Lily.

Jonas is eventually tasked with the assignment of being the Receiver of Memory, which is described as very important, because all the memories from before the citizens, who are known as “The Community”, are all erased from their minds. As the Receiver of Memory, Jonas, must receive the only memories of before from the past receiver, The Giver (Jeff Bridges). Jonas progressively receives memories, including knowledge of the Giver’s past and of his child, Rosemary. They also performed a ritual on kids who couldn’t live up to their tasks, which they called the release. Translation: death by lethal injection.

Eventually, Jonas gets quite disturbed by the violent memories he receives and starts to realize that something is very wrong with the community he lives in, thinking that very important emotions and feelings are being kept from everyone, and he starts to rebel. From there, he gets assistance from The Giver in his rebellious efforts as The Giver tells him that if he can escape the confounds of the community, which they called, “Elsewhere,” he could release all the memories back to the entire community.

The Giver gave him a map, which set up a huge, drama-filled conclusion. it involved Jonas serving up a lot of action scenes to escape the community by motorcycle, and it got real suspenseful as Jonas was eventually given just seconds to reach the elsewhere boundaries to release the memories just in the nick of time before his close friend, Fiona, was to be lethal injected.

Again, I thought the movie was alright. I especially liked the ending with all the suspense and everything. The beginning and middle parts ran kinda slow for me. I gave the movie a solid C+ grade. Stay tuned. Also, get your favorite Movie stuff, and more by Clicking Here.

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