Sophie Clarke Won Survivor 23,South Pacific Tonight In The Finale Episode 14

Sophie Clarke Won Survivor 23,South Pacific Tonight In The Finale Episode 14

Sophie Clarke won Survivor 23,South Pacific tonight in the finale episode 14. Tonight’s two hour finale episode kicked off with past scene from the entire season,leading up until tonight’s show. Then they showed commentary footage with Brandon and Ozzy at Redemption Island. He told Ozzy about the stupid move he made when he gave the immunity necklace to Albert. Ozzy gave a private interview,and basically said it was a very dumb move too.

Meanwhile,Coach blew up and went on a rant about people who lie and stuff. Then they showed the big,final Redemption Island duel between Ozzy and Brandon. The duel was simple. They had to hold their entire body weight up on a pole for as long as they could. The last man to hold on,won. They went for about 36 minutes,and Ozzy pulled it out,again,to return to the main game,while Brandon took a very deserving hike out of the game.

After the break, they showed commentary footage. Coach told Ozzy that he wanted to strike a deal with him. Ozzy told Coach,he wanted to take him to the end. Albert said he wanted Ozzy out. Next, they showed immunity challenge footage. in the challenge,they had to build a tile pyramid high enough to reach a designated mark,without it falling over,to win. Ozzy pulled it out,again,for immunity. That win put me on the Ozzy band wagon. This guy’s a warrior.

After the break, they showed more commentary footage. Coach and Albert started suggesting,Rick should go next. A couple other names came up to stir in confusion. Then they headed to the tribal counsel meeting,talked game for a bit,and casts their votes.

Sophie ended up getting 2 votes,and Rick got 3 votes. So, with a vote of 3-2,Rick got booted out of the game. After the break, Coach tried to talk with Ozzy because he blew at Coach at the tribal counsel meeting. Ozzy told him,it was because he got burned earlier,by so many people,and they appeared to clear the air and make up.

Next, they showed the final immunity challenge. In the challenge they had to race through a big obstacle course and retrieve five bags of puzzle pieces. Then use those puzzle pieces to complete the puzzle. The first one to finish their puzzle,won. Ozzy got off to a huge lead,but Sophie caught up to him on the puzzle and beat him convincingly. It was really weird. Ozzy appeared to have major trouble with that pretty simple puzzle,and kept looking over at Sophie,instead of focusing on his own stuff.

After the break, they celebrated Sophie,slaying Ozzy in the challenge. Coach talked secretly with Ozzy,and appeared to have a tough time deciding if he wanted to vote for Ozzy to stay or not. Next, they headed to the final tribal counsel meeting. Talked game for a bit. Then they casts their votes. Ozzy ended up getting 3 votes, and Albert got 1 vote. So,with a vote of 3-1, Ozzy got tossed again,leaving Coach,Albert,and Sophie as the final 3 contestants this season.

After the break, they showed more commentary footage. The final three celebrated with a nice,big breakfast. Each player talked about their final speech strategy. Coach went on a long rant about dragons,slayers,and some other weird crap. I think he was trying to say,he wanted to finally win after three tries,but it is definitely open for interpretation.

Finally, the final three gave their opening speeches to the jury. Then they answered the jury’s tough questions. After the break,the jury casts their votes. Then it went to the live show,which actually took place tonight,where host Jeff Probst revealed who won survivor.

Jeff immediately read off the votes. Coach ended up getting 3 votes,and Sophie got 5 votes. So,with a vote of 5-3,Sophie Clarke pulled this whole,damn thing out. I kinda feel bad for Coach,making it all the way to the finals,only to loose to Sophie in his 3rd try. He should have tried to get Sophie out,it appears.

Anyways, the live show is still on right now as I’m typing this. Russell Hanz has showed up to address all the crap Brandon talked about him on the show,and much more. It should be quite entertaining. We’ll see you guys back here in February for Survivor 24. Happy holidays. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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