Survivor 24,One World Kim Spradlin Won The Whole Thing Tonight In Finale Episode

Survivor 24,One World Kim Spradlin Won The Whole Thing Tonight In Finale Episode

kim spradlin in survivor 24

Survivor 24,One World Kim Spradlin won the whole thing tonight in finale episode. Tonight’s 2 hour finale show,kicked off with more commentary from the all-girl finalists. Alicia tossed up Chelsea and Sabrina’s names for elimination. Sabrina wanted Alicia out. Kim thought Chelsea would be good to get rid of,next,because a lot of people would probably vote for her. Christina was the favorite to take to the finals,since she hardly did anything.

Next, they showed the immunity challenge footage. It involved an obstacle course and putting a puzzle together. It came down to Alicia,Chelsea,and Kim. Then Kim just edged them out for another immunity win.

After the break, Kim told Alicia and Christina,she was voting Chelsea out,but she was playing both sides at this point,so the votes were still up in the air. Next, they showed tribal counsel footage. Talked game for a bit. Then casts their votes. Chelsea ended up getting 2 votes, and Alicia got 3 votes. So, the arrogant bitch Alicia,finally got ousted at that point.

After the break,they showed more commentary footage. Chelsea said,it would most likely be a good idea to take Christina to the final,because she wouldn’t really be that good at communicating her case to the jury.

Next,they showed immunity challenge footage. It was a balancing challenge. Kim pulled out the win,again,for immunity,and guaranteed herself a spot in the final three. After a break, Kim told Christina,she was next to go,and she just accepted it,which made Kim have 2nd thoughts,thinking Christina has no fight in her,so she would be even that much easier to beat.

Then they showed tribal counsel footage. They talked game for a bit. Then casts their votes. Sabrina got 1 vote,and Christina got 3 votes,mostly because she just completely threw in the towel. So, with 3 votes,Christina’s 4th place fate was sealed,and the final three were: Kim,Chelsea,and Sabrina.

Next, they showed commentary footage. The women got to eat a big meal,and enjoy themselves before heading to present their final cases to the jury members. Chelsea,Kim,and Sabrina gave their opening statements,and they all did a very good job too. Then the jury asked their questions,and casts their votes.

Next,it fast-forwarded to the live show that aired tonight,and the host Jeff Probst,immediately read the votes to reveal that Kim got 5 votes, Sabrina got 2 votes,and Chelsea got 0 votes. So with 5 votes,Kim took home the $1 million dollar prize as expected. It was well-deserved,because she literally ran that show most of the time. We’ll see you guys for Survivor 25. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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