Jud Fabio Birza Won ‘Survivor 21 Nicaragua’ Tonight

Jud Fabio Birza Won ‘Survivor 21 Nicaragua’ Tonight

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Jud Fabio Birza won ‘Survivor 21 Nicaragua’ tonight. Tonight’s finale show kicked off with past scenes from the entire season,including when Jane got voted off in last week’s episode 13. Then they showed more commentary footage. Fabio started worrying about his safety in the game. Sash and Chase revealed that Fabio is next to go if he doesn’t win immunity.

Next, they showed the immunity challenge footage. The immunity challenge involved getting questions right,and putting a puzzle together the quickest. Fabio stepped up big time by coming from behind to edge out Sash for the immunity challenge win. So, Holly said the new plan was to get rid of Dan. Chase said he wanted Dan out too.

Fabio tried to petition Holly out. Fabio told Sash that Holly is a bigger threat to win the million. Sash sort of agreed. Then they showed tribal counsel footage,talked game a bit,and then casts their votes. Chase got 1 vote,and Dan got 3 votes. So, Dan went out first. Surprisingly, Fabio voted Dan out after petitioning for him all day to stay. That was really weird.

After the break,they showed more commentary footage. Sash revealed that Fabio is still next on their plan to go. Holly and Chase also said the same thing. Fabio kept trying to get the guys to choose him for final 3, should he lose the final immunity challenge. They all talked about the past contestants a bit. Then they showed the final immunity challenge footage.

The challenge consisted of them stacking and balancing coins on the top of a sword handle until they fell. The last one standing with coins still intact,won. It came down to Sash and Fabio again. Sash dropped his stack and Fabio pulled it out again!! Unbelievable. After the break, Sash tried to convince Fabio to keep him around.

Sash lied to Fabio by telling him he would have taken him to the final if he won. However, Chase and Holly willingly confirmed to Fabio that the plan was to get him out,especially since Sash talked bad about Chase to Fabio. Then they showed the final tribal counsel footage,and talked game a bit.

Sash still tried to squirm his way out of his lie. He still held to his lie that he would’ve taken Fabio to the finals. After that, they casts their votes. Holly got 3 votes, and Sash got 1 vote. So, Sash,Fabio,and Chase made it to the finals. All the guys ended up voting Holly out. They showed a little more commentary. The guys got treated to a big meal.

Chase said he tried to get Fabio over confident for the jury by telling him he already has it won. Next, the guys made their plea for the win to the jury. They made their opening statements,and answered tough questions from the jury. Jane and Dan basically cussed Sash out,while the others actually asked questions. Then they casts their votes.

After that,it headed to tonight’s live show where the host Jeff Probst read the votes. Fabio got 5 votes, Chase got 4 votes, and Sash got 0 votes. So, 21 year old Jud (Fabio) Birza became the youngest Survivor winner with his “Survivor 21 Nicaragua” win tonight. The reunion show is till going on right now on CBS. Follow us on Facebook for more reality TV news,and more by Clicking Here. Get your favorite TV Shows and Movies on dvd or blue ray disc by Clicking Here.

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