Riverdale Season 2 Cheryl To Get More Cruel & Powerful Than We Can Possibly Imagine

Riverdale Season 2 Cheryl To Get More Cruel & Powerful Than We Can Possibly Imagine

Alright, so we’ve known about the upcoming darker Cheryl Blossom season 2 arc for a couple of months now. But we wanted to explore it further since some new details have come out about it. Not only will this happen, it sounds like her much meaner attitude will have some merit behind it.

In a recent report on Comicbook.com, they revealed that there was some backstory on Cheryl that didn’t make the season one edits. Apparently, not only was her mother very cruel to her and didn’t show her love. We now know that she also used to beat her! These awful facts are going to lead Cheryl into taking on a much more ruthless and meaner attitude after burning down her freaking house.

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Her portrayer Madelaine Petsch told TV Line, “I actually think she’s going to become even colder and even meaner in Season 2. After what happened in Season 1, she’s just done. She’s so shut down and broken. Veronica wants Cheryl to become a part of the gang, and Cheryl wants so badly to become a part of the gang. But, she’s so egotistical and there’s so much going on in her head that she doesn’t do it.”

The show’s producer Robertp Aguirre-Sacasa revealed his description of season 2 Cheryl as being someone who rises from the fire like a phoenix. He stated, “What happens to her in the finale is sort of the most elemental primal thing. She’s baptized in a river of ice and then she steps through and rises from the fires like a phoenix. I think it absolutely changes her in that she has nothing to lose now.

She’s burned away what she thinks was her weakness. Her love of Jason and her respect of her family. That’s all been burnt away now. She’s almost like Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road, Furiosa. That’s Cheryl I think on the other side of the finale. It’s a harder much darker much more powerful character because her mom was quite cruel to her in season 1. Really cruel to her, and they withheld love from her.”

They mentioned that while on the set of Riverdale’s season 1 finale, Madelaine Petsch suggested to actor Trevor Stines who plays Cheryl’s brother Jason that her mother had beaten Cheryl! Showrunner Robert backed up that statement by saying that footage was lost on the cutting room floor, but it’s essentially true.

So, it’s no wonder that this poor girl is about to get real cruel in the next season. Possibly, more cruel than we can imagine! Be sure to follow us on our Riverdale Facebook page for more Riverdale news by Clicking Here.

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