Riverdale Season 2 Veronica’s Shady Ex To Cause Problems For Her Archie Romance

Riverdale Season 2 Veronica’s Shady Ex To Cause Problems For Her Archie Romance

Recently, the people over at TV Line did another one of their spoiler chat sessions where they read email questions from fans. This time, they got a question about anything having to do with the upcoming 2nd season of CW’s hit drama, “Riverdale.” The question read like this: “Got any Riverdale Season 2 scoop for me?”

One of their main editors over there Michael Ausiello answered the question by revealing a few more very interesting details about Veronica’s ex-boyfriend who’s supposed to be showing up on the scene on or before episode 5! As previously reported, his name is Nick St. Clair. In this new spoiler scoop, Ausiello said that Nick is going to cause Veronica’s romantic relationship with Archie to hit a speed bump!

He also said that Nick is a womanizing bad boy from New York and that he will definitely stir up trouble when he arrives in Riverdale! Ausiello ended his answer by saying that Nick might also compete for Veronica’s affections. So, that does sound very serious indeed.

In our first report of this Nick character, we mentioned that he will reportedly do something very bad to Veronica in episode 5. We have some new information about that. It turns out that Sheryl will also be involved in this particular situation as a victim too. Whatever it is, it’s going to cause all the women of Riverdale to band together to fight it!

Nick will also bring out Veronica’s darkside which is supposed to be even darker than Betty’s darkside. In related news, we’re supposed to see a much darker Archie as well. He’ll be looking to seek out and get vengeance for whoever shot his father Fred.

Jughead will be dealing with some crazy Southside Serpents drama. He’ll try to seek out a shady female lawyer to handle his father’s case. However, this lawyer will not want money for her efforts. She’ll want some favors instead. It definitely sounds like season 2 will get very interesting. It’s set to debut on Wednesday night, October 11,2017 at 7 pm central standard time on The CW. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Riverdale Facebook page for more Riverdale news by Clicking Here.

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