Another Big Brother 19 Huge Group Fight Happened Yesterday Evening July 31,New Details

Another Big Brother 19 Huge Group Fight Happened Yesterday Evening July 31,New Details

As previously reported, the POV ceremony took place yesterday afternoon July 31. We did report an immediate fight that occurred between Jessica and Raven. But now, we have an additional set of fights that took place during the evening hours. This was the blow up of all blow ups thus far.

It all started at around 2:10 pm Pacific time on the Big Brother 19 live feeds. Paul was talking with his group about implementing his “harass Cody” which was designed to set him off to the point where he would flip out and get himself kicked out of the house. Paul was deciding to do this since Jess will be using her hex power to stop the eviction this Thursday night to save both her and Cody.

At one point, Matt raised objections to the flip off Cody plan. He felt that it was not a good idea to try and get a man who’s been trained to kill in the military to get violent enough to take a swing. Matt’s opinion didn’t matter. The plan was still a go after he said his spill.

Josh kicked off the mad festivities by taunting Cody and Jess. At one point around 2:53 pm, Josh yelled a few words at Jess telling her, “I know where you can buy a leash so Cody can roam the house.” He then told Cody, “Put up with hell or self evict.”

At around 4:47pm, Paul started in on Cody in the kitchen. He asked Cody, “Do you still think I’m a character on a TV show?” Because at least I do have some character. Cody said, “ I have no more words for you.” Paul replied with, “Because you like to say all of them behind my back but never to my face.” Eventually, Cody just walked off.

At the same time, Cody and Jess were having a little bit of a heated conversation over Cody in a different room. At 4:51 pm, Alex started in on Cody asking him if there was a secret plan to get her out. Cody calmly replied that he didn’t know what she was talking about and that he feels like everyone is just trying to stir things up.

Alex told Cody that Jessica agreed to a plan to let them vote him out if they would agree to vote her out. “So, if you don’t know about it, she’s lying to you.” After that, Cody again said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Then he walked off.

Next, the real big fight went down at 5:03pm. It started between Alex and Jessica. Alex totally called her out on her deal she tried to make to get her evicted in the next couple of weeks. Jessica replied with, You nominated me and the only reason I stayed is because Dominique had a meltdown. Then you’re wondering why I would want to get you out of this house?

After that, it started to escalate into a screaming match between she and Alex. Then Paul jumped in with a few questions. But here’s when things really got heated. Jessica said that everyone was conspiring to get her out of the house at one point and that included Raven.

Raven took major offense to that saying, “I was on your side until you threw my name under the bus, B@#tch!” Oh yeah, the real Raven came out. She kept going. She told Jessica, “The reason why you like a$#holes so much is because you always talk out of yours!” Raven also called her a b@#tch a few more times. She said, “If you can’t handle the heat. Then get out off the kitchen b@#tch!” This was really funny since they were actually in the kitchen. The war was definitely on from that point.

After those words, Cody dragged Jessica out of the kitchen. Jessica had a huge smile on her face like she was glad this all went down. They ended up in the backyard. Paul and company followed them out there. Josh started banging the pots and pans and singing again to annoy Jess and Cody. Paul actually joined him by singing along too!

Raven kept yelling more obscenities at Jess. The mean Raven was out of the bag and was not going back in. She started strutting around like she was straight from the hood. I’m not joking. I was shocked. This madness in the backyard went on for quite some time. Jess and Cody just ignored all of them at this point.

Paul was seen yelling out more insults at them. Oh, also there was a moment where Alex got into a heated argument with Mark in the kitchen over about how she thinks he knew who stole her cat ears or something. It was pretty silly but Alex was extremely heated over it. There’s was another moment in the backyard where Raven actually flipped Jess two middle fingers! It was intense.

All of this madness went on for about another hour or so give or take. From there, things died down. Today, the plan is just to kill Jess and Cody with kindness to annoy the living hell out of them. We’ll see how that works out.

Alright, so that’s pretty much the full rundown of the big evening fight that went down yesterday. Only God knows what will happen today. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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