Big Brother 19 Alex Made Extreme Fun Of Cody’s ‘Keep Me’ Pitch Last Night August 13

Big Brother 19 Alex Made Extreme Fun Of Cody’s ‘Keep Me’ Pitch Last Night August 13

Alright, so yesterday August 13th we finally saw Cody try to pitch some sort of deal to the current HOH Alex and her main sidekick Jason in an effort to try to avoid his inevitable eviction this week. As a result, Alex and most of the other houseguests have been getting a good laugh out of it behind Cody’s back. The big conversation started at 6:33 pm Pacific time on the live feeds.

Cody came up to the HOH room to tell Alex and Jason what they already knew since it’s actually the plan this week. Cody said if Matt pulls Jason off the block, I’m going up. As the conversation continued, Cody told them things like, “I don’t know why you don’t trust me to move forward with you.” “They’re going to put you up next week.” Alex told him, “we trust you, we just don’t have the numbers right now.”

Cody also told them, “if you join me, it’ll be rough from here on out. There’s no safe route with me. We’ll have to win everything all the way until the end. I know that. But if you don’t strike now, when will you ever strike.” Alex said they plan to make a big move after the double eviction. She also told Cody, even if you made it all the way until the end, they would never let you win. We decided to keep you for jury over Jess because you have money troubles and Jess seems like she’s doing ok.

There was another moment where Cody suggested they put Josh on the block. Alex said that Josh has kept them in the game. So, that’s not an option. She also told him if they join him, they would constantly be put on the block with backdoor plans from here on out.

Cody talked about how he can’t trust Mark and Elena because they’re disloyal. He also asked Jason to just think back to when he saved him from eviction in the first week. (Actually, Cody didn’t really save him, he just didn’t put him on the block because he was trying to get Paul out.)

At one point, Alex told Cody again, “We don’t have the numbers right now to just plow through the house.” Cody replied with, “just take a day to think about it. Reach down into your souls. I’m here” or something like that.

Alex and Jason also asked Cody who he would go after first if he won HOH. He of course said Paul again so they could get control of the house. Alex told him he wouldn’t have the numbers to do that. Cody replied with, I know. We would have to put up up someone beside him that wouldn’t go home over him.

Cody also talked about Matt for a bit saying that he just does what Paul tells him to do. Then Raven just does what Matt does. Alex again told Cody, joining you jeopardizes me and Jason’s game. I’m only loyal to Jason. Cody replied by telling her, I don’t think you two are really safe right now. You would have to alternate winning HOHs from here on out or else they will put you on the block.

After that, Jason and Alex just fed Cody some BS about how they would like to work with him but it’s just too late now. Ever since that conversation, Alex and Jason have been seen talking with Josh, Paul and Christmas about it and just making total fun of Cody’s pitch.

They basically said that it’s ridiculous. Alex really made fun of Cody mentioning that they could try to win out until the end. That actually was very comical. Cody has also tried to talk with Alex and Jason a few more times after that because they keep entertaining his suggestions. But really, it just gives them more material to make fun of with Paul, Christmas and Josh right afterwards.

So, there haven’t been any fights lately. But there sure has been a lot of giggling about Cody’s efforts to stay. Paul has asked for Alex’s permission to call Cody out at today’s POV ceremony. It’s possible that could spark a fight if he does actually do it. We’ll have to wait and see.

The POV ceremony is due to happen at some point today. Stay tuned for that report. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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