Big Brother 19 Houseguests Revealed Even More Suspicions About Raven August 26 & 27

Big Brother 19 Houseguests Revealed Even More Suspicions About Raven August 26 & 27

Alright, so as we all know, Raven has made a lot of wild health claims. Some are true but some definitely seem fishy and the Big Brother 19 houseguests are talking about the fishy stuff a lot more these days. I mean it comes up everyday now. Yesterday and earlier today, the conversations were extremely interesting.

Basically, they complained about how a lot of her stories just aren’t adding up. They also pointed out some very convincing examples. Jason is the main one that’s really suspicious of her. At around 11:25 am yesterday August 26th, Jason and Alex started having a discussion about Raven. Alex mentioned that she has arthritis. Jason replied with, “That’s what she says.” Alex said, “ I don’t want to look like an a@#hole for talking about her.” Jason said, “ Who looks like a bigger a#@hole? Her for f@#cking lying or us for not believing her?”

Alex said, “I don’t want them to put this on tv because we’ll look stupid. But I don’t know how sick she is.” Jason said, “Does she act sick? Does she look sick? Alex said, “That’s what bothers me.” Jason said, “She doesn’t act sick. She doesn’t look sick.”

A few moments later, Jason said, “She should at least be more consistent with her lies or her truths.” Alex said, “Don’t do this.” Jason said, “Why?” Alex said, “Because we’ll look like a@#holes on tv and you’ll never be able to do another rodeo again.” Jason said, “What if she’s lying?” Alex said, “I don’t think she’s lying. I’m gonna give her the benefit of the doubt.”

Jason said, “I’ve been giving her the benefit of the doubt since day one.” Alex said, “I’m not going to talk bad about her illness is what I’m saying.” Jason said,” Oh, well me neither. I’m not talking bad about her illness.”

Alex said, “I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt because she may really only have a couple of years to live. If that’s the case, fine. Eat any food you want. But if I was sick and she’s always complaining about a feeding tube, I would be eating like probably the consistency of slop. Something like that because it would be easier to break down the nutrients.”

Jason said, “Alex, listen to me. Raven said I can’t eat red meat but she consumes more meat than anyone else. She makes f#@cking tacos with the same meat that you made the f@#cking potato shepherd’s pie with and said she couldn’t eat that because of the meat that’s in it. The day before, she ate three tacos with the exact same meat she cooked and added ten times the spice.

She’s saying she can’t eat red meat yet she continously eats it. So you either can or you can’t. How many times has she eaten tacos with the same meat that you made the shepherd’s pie with? What’s the difference?”

Alex said, “I don’t know.” Jason said, “It’s because it doesn’t affect her.” Alex said, “I don’t think she’s faking her disease because if she did America would hate her.” Jason said, “You don’t think they hate her?” Alex said, “no.” Jason said, “ Julie Chen did not ask her a question. She did not get a hex. She did not get a temptation. Zingbot gave her the worst zing.”

Alex said, “Your reasoning does make sense.” Jason said, “They’re trying to tell us something. I feel it.” Alex said, “That was weird for her not to get a question over Matt.” Jason said, “It’s because they hate her because she’s using a sh@@tty tactic to gain.”

Alex said, “Maybe she is faking but we can’t speculate too much because we’ll look like real a@#holes if she’s telling the truth.” Jason said, “I’m just trying to figure out what the f@#ck people are doing.” From there, Alex said something about Raven’s accent disappearing last night. Jason replied with, “That’s what I’m saying. All I’m saying is that she’s so inconsistent. She consistently inconsistent.” Alex said, “Raven’s gonna sh@#t a brick when she’s out.” Jason said, “What has she done?”

Also, there was a moment at around 8:30 pm where Raven said she needed to get her knees replaced because she has “rough kneecap syndrome.” We don’t know if it’s true. But again, this is another one of her wild claims that she’s made. She’ll say things like this and then go do a backflip right in front of everyone’s face. Like what?

Anyways, there was another conversation about Raven at 12 am today, August 27th. Josh , Alex ,Jason and Christmas were all gathered in the HOH room. Jason brought up a time where Raven said her there’s no cartilage in her knee. After that, Jason said, “I’ve watched you do cartwheels, skip, jump, back flips and somersaults seven minutes ago. And now you have no cartilage in your f#@cking knee?”

Jason also brought up that Raven has made claims of her bones, muscles and nerves deteriorating. Again, that’s horrible if it’s true but her stories just aren’t adding up. Josh also had a Raven story to tell. He said, “ You guys remember the day she got stitches in her foot? Then she was limping around and then that same day, she was f@#cking dancing. I was like I’m done. I’m checked the f@#ck out.”

Paul actually joined this same conversation a little bit later to say something about Raven repeating the exact same story he told. It wasn’t about a health claim though. However, he has expressed that he thinks Raven is a habitual liar.

These types of conversations are becoming more and more frequent as we get closer to these final stages of the game. There was even talk of Jason probably calling Raven out on some of her claims. Alex suggested to him that he shouldn’t though. I think he might be inclined to if she ever does something to tick him off.

As previously reported, Raven and Matt are up for eviction this week. They think they’re just pawns for a backdoor Kevin plan, but Jason wants to get rid of Matt. Jason won the POV. So, if he keeps noms the same tomorrow, one of them will be walking out the door this Thursday night. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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